Black, gray, shady

Never truly there

Sometimes thin, sometimes dark

Only light it snares

I once knew a shadow

Dark as any silhouette

Told me lies with starry eyes

Tales of its regrets

Most lamentable being

Story sad but true

Worst of it, I must say

Was when her plan fell through

Never had a chance, she said

And I must agree

Despite the tales that she’d spin

This one I believed

The world is cold, she’d tell me

When your touch reaches nothing warm

When your hands, cold and pale

Between two plains are torn

For not a soul she could touch

Not a living soul hold

Like the finest sand and dust

Between her fingers stole

Laugh, she can’t, cry, she must

Her prison is the world

A frozen icy-eyed woman

With banner black unfurled

Transparent yet oblique

Her thoughts can’t be known

Raven hair, billowing

Still those eyes of chiseled stone

Time unmerciful cast her lot

Gave her a forgotten place

And cruelly gave her hope

That she could be saved

A shadow child she was not

A lady, dark but real

Only seen in lands of dreams

Perfectly surreal

Her story twisted

Same was her life

Full of corridors

Heavy with too much strife

She had a chance but lost it

And finally resigned

From the nigh eternal fight

To gain a place in time

My shadowed friend was never there

Yet always was around

Her life impossible to explain

An enigma so profound

When this maid was fashioned

A new ideal embarked

Made just a shade to light

Or perhaps a shade too dark