A written work on the creatures known as Dragons

“…Bone-crushing jaws closed down around the hapless tree, snapping the once-great oak into nothing but splinters. Enraged by the wooden spears embedded in its cavernous maw, the creature reared back in pain, its great scaly body swinging in an almost comical dance. Brandishing its barbed tail like a whip, the monstrous beast demolished several boulders in one swipe, yet still missed its target. Stretching the spanning leather wings, scarred from battle, the curved neck arched as flames burst from the toothy mouth. White-hot and deadly, the fire attacked everything in its path of fiery destruction. Claws made from something akin to steel, yet stronger, swung blindly into the smoky air, furiously trying to match the speed of the small creature (myself) causing the great beast such torment, but to no avail…â€