Between Light and Dark

Imagine a long time ago.

Long before we existed. Before the first male, before the first female.

There were dinosaurs. And before that? No one knows. Know one but me.

Because before everything-perhaps even time itself-existed life. Possibly more like us than you could ever know.

Of course there exists no scientific evidence. Nor anything to prove or disprove this story. Therefore you must believe me when I declare it is true.

Our story takes place on a planet that would come to be known as Earth but which we will call Silva, which is Latin for forest.

Silva was then a planet of trees. Tall, skinny, short, fat, and in-between.

It so happens that on a high mountain palace, as with a lakeside citadel, a baby is being born.

Each baby a boy, each born by a queen, each born with hair, and each with a power that would never arise until both were brought together by a battle. Or perhaps it was Fate.

The one born atop a mountain is known as Laereth. He was born with a full head of black, thick hair. Which was not only uncommon but altogether rare. His eyes were black. For a baby to be born with black eyes was not only rare but overall impossible, and it was considered a bad omen.

The one born beside a diamond lake would be called Elucido, and would be come to be known as El. He was born with blonde hair. Fine and silky. And though all babies, then and now, are born with blue eyes his were different. He could speak with them, it seemed. Though some stories will say that you can read a persons emotions in their eyes and yet most can never accomplish that, El did. Even from his moment of birth he was a beauty to be envied.

Both could speak as well as any child four times their age by the time they reached exactly one year. Both could walk moons earlier.

Yet neither set of parents knew of this momentous happening on the other side of Silva, neither knew of the rather decisive meeting Laereth and El would have many years from that day. And neither knew that their meeting would mean the end of the world as they knew it.

"El! Now where have you gotten to? El!!"

At the age of three El was an excitable, delightable, all around adorable bundle of joy. When you could catch him of course.

His hair had grown to reach his shoulders. His eyes seeming to cast out more light that they drew in. And he had more energy than a puppy before a race.

He had been appointed a full time nanny named Trae, who-being male-rather resented his position but nonetheless fulfilled it.

At this exact moment he is searching for the boy on the vast grounds of that castle in which El was born. Fervently hoping he hadn't wandered into the lake.

Across a vast expanse of forest to a mighty mountain we find Laereth. Dark and brooding as ever one could be.

He sits atop a tree at the base of the castle Fayre, looking out across the land. He is three and yet talks, writes, and thinks like a boy five times that.

At this moment he is pondering a feeling deep inside of him. Love? Of course not. Laereth has no room for love. Fear? Laereth fears nothing. Laereth IS fear. Then what? That, of course, is what he is pondering.

You see he has always felt this way. As if there is something inside of him. A dæmon maybe. Or the darkness itself. The darkness he loves.

Whatever it is, he can feel it building inside of him. Like a wave transforming into a deadly tsunami. And it WILL be deadly. It will crush and bend people to his will. But perhaps he will sit here now, the wind teasing his hair, the silence all but deafening, and wait for it to grow. So that he can gain power over all who disobey him.

At the age of 4 and one half Laereth discovered the beginnings of his revolutionary power. Of course he was born with the capability to use telepathy, empathy, telekinesis, and every other power any of the highest mages possessed, but this was something more. Something never experienced in all of Silva. Something that would never again come to be. Laereth called it "shadow weaving".

One day-after wandering off down the mountain, getting caught, and being dragged back to his room-his caretaker was lecturing him. This was nothing new, of course, but it aggravated Laereth that he was getting in trouble for wanting to be AWAY from such annoying, incompetent morons as this.

He was ignoring the man for the most part. His voice merely droning on in the far reaches of Laereth's consciousness. The thing about the man that Laereth was actually paying attention to was his shadow. Long, thin, and dark. Laereth liked everything dark, so this was rather interesting.

He found himself wondering what it would be like if shadows could move and suddenly he had the strangest feeling. As if he himself were being draw INTO the shadow.

Instinctively he pulled with his mind and when he did so the shadow pulled with him.

Delighted, Laereth pulled again. So did the shadow.

Experimentally, the dark boy tried to wrap it around the man's legs. And obediently, it did.

Of course you cannot feel it when you walk through darkness and the principle remained the same here. But somehow it DID hold substance, as he found out soon enough, because when he finished wrapping the shadow around the man's ankles he pulled hard. With a cry of dismay his caretaker's feet were pulled out from beneath him and he dangled in the air.

This was curious to the youngling and he watched as the shadows held the man up. Somehow they did have strength yet could not be detected and this was perfect.

Laereth sat there for quite sometime-watching the man's blood rush to his head, his face turning a rather unique shade of purplish-red before he passed out-until he grew bored of it. Then he loosed the bonds and the man fell in a heap to the ground.

El discovered his own power at the same age and in the same manner. Though largely by accident.

The blonde boy was chasing after one of his friends, desperate not to loose the race. He had always had a certain feeling of power when the sun was out and it was no different today. He tried pulling from the power to gain speed but it became obvious that the power was not about speed. But what, the boy didn't know.

So he ran and ran, the finish line coming perilously close to the feet of his challenger, when he just let his mind take over for him.

In this state of vulnerability the power took over him and the boy in front suddenly froze, as if being held in place by invisible straps. He struggled and fell to his knees as El soared past him, his feet held in place by something no one could see.

As the blonde boy began to come to himself again he noticed that not only was he ahead but his challenger was on the ground behind him. El passed the finish line then doubled back to see what was wrong. As he came closer he felt the power become curiously stronger.

When he reached the place he knelt down in front of his friend and asked what was wrong but the boy was busy pulling at his feet as if he was in quicksand.

Settling down in front of the boy El could sense the power stronger than ever. As if it had all converged in this one spot.

"Help!" the boy whined.

Nodding without actually paying any attention El leaned forward and ran his hands along the other boy's ankles. There was something but he couldn't feel any bumps. It was just as if the power were little ropes binding the boy to the spot.

Going by some instinct that El didn't know he had he pushed with his mind. The bonds loosened but didn't completely abate. He pushed harder, almost subconsciously telling the "power" to go away. And it did. Or so he thought. But all it really did was dissipate back into itself. For he had somehow gained the power to control light. [pic]