Address To An Empty Space.

Shirt-tie and auburn
And a half-centered gaze
The world off an Axis
Of one-sided haze
How Munich and Dresden
And Here may collide
While the space he is leaving
Echoes hollow inside

Like a solstice sky but
An Equinox morning
The Beauty of Something
And breathing and warming
The urgent last Moment
Of tailing the Sky
From the wars of Alliance
Before they could Fly

Oh the poignant surrender
To a once-beaten force
And the lines drawn are Hellish
But the History, worse
Of railroad cars, of
Of you as returning to
A past drenched in Right

You do not lose your Background
As the world may design
For a while at least
As they Wander Blind
When Prussia was rising
When France had a King
Then the stars cut thru' Winter
And sugar-melted for Spring

Cut a meaningful swath
For the Future's behalf
Defeatism followed as
The stars emptied back
You; Beauty of Summer
But the Sharpness of Cold
You give life back to Dresden
And the Prussia of Old

The world, interrupted
For simply a Time
As if in that Breath
Maybe...we shall decide
Between Germanic allegiance
And a New World Concession
Either way, there you wait
For the Next Resurrection.