Hey there, my name’s Hikari, and I’m sixteen years old and I’m a junior in High School. My favorite subjects are art and roller coasters (it’s a subject to me!), and I can’t stand Math. I go to a normal every day high school, and the only thing even remotely strange about me is that I’m a foreign exchange student in Japan and wear a men’s uniform.


Just last year, when I was still a poor little ninth grader, I was ever-so- rudely thrown into another world called Lexus. Talk about abnormal! Not only is Lexus another wold, but there are elves there and humans and dragons and unicorns and who knows what else. Kinda like a mixture of LotR and Rayearth. Anyway, these evil little creature demon thingies called Narz were trying to take over the world under the command of this total bastard named Kase. Of course, poor little newbie-Hikari was sadly mistaken as a blessing from the gods and sent off to defeat him. Lucky for me I read WAY too many war manga, and I knew a bit about battle strategy. They gave me a crash-course in their form of martial arts and ‘kendo’, and taught me magic. Believe it or not, me and my little army defeated the bad guys and they all lived happily ever after. Kind of. The only thing was, they didn’t want me to leave, cuz I had had a, well, a well just never mind. I ‘escaped’. And sealed off the door so they couldn’t come after me. Now I’m happily acting normal again, in hopes I’ll be able to do so for the rest of my life.

As if.