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Chapter 17: So. now what are we supposed to do?

"Well Lien, you're definitely not dead anymore."

Kanada and Lien shared a confused look. Neither of them knew about Mellalein. The only reason I knew about it was because in my supposed last battle with Kase he had shown me it's true abillities, and I had been forced to seal it. *Why* am I so stupid?

"You know Kase's damned axe thing that he always had with him?" I asked Lien, trying like mad not to break anything nearby and keeping my hands down at my sides with some effort.

Lien thought for a minute, and nodded. I could see with growing obviousness that Lien's patience was waning. I was going to have to clear far too much up for my liking.

"Well it has a name. Mellalein. It's a weapon so sharp that it can actually cut through things like air and water. And I mean litterally sever the atoms. Water sliced is filled with air, but air sliced turns into a vaccum, and if the proper pressure is applied to that vaccum, and "doors" can be opened. A Door can lead anywhere if created by someone with no talent with energy or magic, but a door made by someone who can focus properly, it can lead anywhere they *want*. Kase used it in the last battle he and I fought together, and, thinking he was winning, explained all of it's physics to me. When I had finally killed the bastard and he was safely contained in the in-between world, the world of the dead, I sealed Mellalein somewhere where I thought I would be able to watch over it. I sealed it inside Kira. "Kase had seen that Kira was ill, apparently." The bitter cold and long burried pain this thought stirred up was sharper than it had been in so long, and I couldn't help think longingly for the little girl I knew was just in the other room with Mimi.

"So, you're saying that when Kira, died, this Mellalein thing was released then." Lien deducted. He had a very frightening frown growing on his brow now, and I decided I would leave the next conversation we needed to have till. tomorrow. Maybe the next day. Hell maybe never.

I nodded my answer to his statement, swallowed, and continued. "When the stupid axe was released, I had forgotten about it entirely." I stopped and once again kicked myself for being so god damn stupid. "Kase collected all the separate atoms of the damn thing to himself, pieced them together, and, of course, sliced his way out of the inbetween world, taking you and Kira with him." I decided my feet would be a good place to look right then.

"Well Lien, welcome back to the land of the living." Kanada said darkly. Lien shot him a cold look, and I could tell that conversation would definitely not be able to wait as long as I would have liked it to.

"So *now* what?" Lien asked suddenly.

The three of us looked at each other then, completely dumbstruck.

"Um." Kanada was obviously racking his brain for a plan of action, but "um" apparently was the only course he could supply.

Just then, the course of action shouted at us as loud as it possibly could. It set my room on fire.

"What the hell was that?!" Kanada demanded as the three of us shot into my room to see what had exploded. A quick water spell to douse the flames showed where they had originated- my dresser. I hesitantly opened the ofending drawer, and brought out Taiya-sama's tiara.

"Kanada, didn't you tell Selest to get rid of this thing?!" I demanded, tossing the glass from hand to hand, trying not to burn either hand too badly. Lien took the heated ornament out of my hands and gave it a good look.

"How on earth did you get this?"

"The question isn't how *we* got it, but how Kase got it." Kanada said solemnly. Lien gave him a look that, if coming from anyone but him, could have been fear.

"Has anybody even seen Selest lately?" I wondered suddenly. Kanada stopped, and looked thoughtfully concerned.

"I haven't."

"She doesn't have a job, we would know."

"Can you even feel her presence anywhere?"


".We just might have a problem on our hands here." Kanada sighed. "Someone has to take back the Tiara, but I really don't know how to get out of here, and Hikari's sealed up her portal."

"Why did you do that?" Lien asked, confused.

"So nobody would be able to find me, or drag me back." Lien seemed to understand, and didn't press the subject any further.

"I don't see any way to get it there, not with out Selest. We'll just have to wait until she comes back." Kanada sighed.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me. Kase wanted me unbalanced, so that he would have an easy fight, did he not? What better place to make me go for unbalance than Lexus. Selest wasn't coming back. Taiya-sama had not let go of her tiara willingly, or it would not have blown up my dresser. This was all that bastards plan.

They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

"I'll do it." I said quietly.

Kanada and Lien kept thinking of possibilities, without even showing they'd heard.

"I *said* I'll do it! I'll unseal my portal and take you guys back!" I growled. What, did they think I was lying or something?!

Kanada let out a long breath and hung his head, without looking at me. "Hikari, I know you just figured everything out for yourself, because you're smart. So *why* do you want to kill yourself and give Kase exactly what he wants?" He looked me straight in the eye.

I gave him a look he wasn't going to forget soon.

"I'm going, whether you two are coming or not. If anyone has anything to say about it, that's great, I don't want to hear it." And with that I walked away, fuming.

Kanada and Lien stared after me, shock the foremost emotion on their faces, fear the second. If you ask me, fear should have been first, because when I got back, they were going to learn what happens to the poor men who underestimate me.

"You're sure about this?" Mimi asked timidly as Kanada, Lien and I got ready to leave.

"Mommy, where are you going?" Kira asked from the kitchen table where she had been coloring previously. I stopped suddenly.

"Wait. Someone has to stay and protect Kira." I felt like slapping myself for actually forgetting what leaving my daughter with no protection could mean. What leving Mimi with no protection would mean.

Kanada and Lien looked at each other expectantly, each thinking the other would volunteer.

"Lien, you're smarter and would create a proper shield before putting Kira in danger and fighting any narz head on. You stay." I decided. Lien looked slightly dissapointed, but it was the safety of his daughter that was in question, so he knew he probably would've ended up staying anyway.

"Kirachan." I said softly and picked up my tiny daughter. "Kirachan Mommy's going back to Lexus for a while. I promise we'll be back in a couple minutes." I kissed the top of her head.

"Don't forget about me, mommy!" My daughter said, waving her finger at me.

*~Don't forget about me, kay?~*

Trying not to look like those words had sparked any kind of memories at all, I smiled and promised I would definitely not forget about her. I /couldn't/ forget about her.

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