I have her. I finally have her.

It took me years to find the appropriate time, but I finally did it. She’s all mine, mine for the keeping.

She and I will lead a happy life together. She will do the household chores and I will earn the money, and we will have many happy years and many children together. I love her, I really do. And she loves me.

She was reluctant at first, but I can understand that. After all I did catch her by surprise. I think I did the last thing she suspected. But one should always expect the unexpected, as I always say.

We were inseparable for many years, ever since I first met her. I went where she went and was always by her side during the thick and the thin. When her father died, I was there to console and pity. When she went on her fist date, I was there to guide her. When she graduated high school, I was there to congratulate her. I was always there nearby. Now I can be near her for the rest of my life.

She’s in the other room right now, still sleeping from last night.

And what a night it was! I was so overjoyed when I carried her through the door, her head cradled against my shoulder. It was a bit rough at the start, but I persevered and pulled through.

I am cooking her breakfast. Her favourite: Sausage, eggs, and jam on toast. What a delicious smell! I can’t wait to surprise her! Home cooked breakfast in bed, what a surprise it will be! Good God, how I love her! And I can only imagine how much she loves me.

There she is, still sleeping soundly on the sofa where we spent the night. Stepping over the odd piles of clothes, I walk over to her side. A small sip of water and she, my own Sleeping Beauty, wakes!

My heart skips as her eyes flutter open and look around; my breath is stolen by her beauty! She looks wildly around her until the wonderful memories of last night come back to her.

“Hello there.â€