1:00 am

Joe, Brian, Earl, Nikki, and Sara were walking home from a party. They were walking because they were all either drunk or stoned and not one of them could even stand up straight, let alone drive. The street they were walking down was deserted, for the time was gone one o'clock in the morning. As they were stumbling down the street, Nikki hears a low noise from an adjoining alleyway.

"Hey," she slurs to her friends, stopping, "did you hear that?"

"Naw." Brian says, "You were probably hearing something, you stupid, drunk, bitch."

Brian, Joe and Sara laugh and walk off leaving Nikki behind, looking concerned.

"Oh," she says, "Well, Earl, thanks for staying with me." she looks to Earl but he isn't there.

"Earl?" she asks, turning around.

As she turns, she hears the low sound again, but this time it sounds as if it came from right behind her.

Nikki turns slowly and stares, too scared to scream, too scared to run. Before her stands a small, yet ferocious beast with a speckling of blood on it's fangs which were presently bared at Nikki. Beside the beast, a few feet away, lay the decimated body of Earl, laying in a dark pool of blood.

As Nikki stares, the beast lunges and guts the girl. As she collapses, she releases a small scream and then she is dead. Tough luck.

Joe, still walking with Brian and Sara, hears some noises from behind him and he turns. As soon as he sees what is following his friends, he starts running as fast as he can, leaving Brian and Sara behind, bewildered.

They discover what their friend is running from too late. Joe has only a small amount of time before he, too, meets the fate of his friends.

5:00 am

Police captain Grimes looks solemnly up and down the street where the five bodies were found and walks towards one of his lieutenants.

"Ah, sir," the lieutenant, Jake Knoles, says as the captain approaches him. "We have identified the victims but can find no evidence of an attacker. No fingerprints, footprints, or hair samples on any of the bodies or the street, but we believe the attacker may be an animal because of the ferocity of the attack."

"Huh," Grimes grunts, "This is not what I expect to see before I've had my morning cup of whisky. Did you realize, Jake, that over 80% of murders occur at night?"

"No, I didn't know that, sir." Knoles says.

"Well, now you do, kid." Grimes says angrily, "Why don't murderers have the decency to kill during the day, instead of forcing good cops up out of bed from the loving arms of a mistress, ready to make do on promises all day, and into a grisly murder investigation?"

"Um," the lieutenant says slowly, shifting from one foot to the other in embarrassment, "Sir, I don't know, sir. Why they do it, sir. That is murder, sir. Um..."

"Shut up, lieutenant."

"Yes, sir."

Grimes looks again up and down the street and says, "Well, I'm going for a drink. Report to me when anything turns up, eh?"

"Yes, sir."

Captain Grimes turns and walks back to his car, leaving a slightly confused lieutenant behind him.


The scratching on the door had ceased.

Craig Lewis stared at the door of his apartment where, for the past 5 minutes, some animal had been scratching at it. The last thing that he needed in his apartment was some mangy animal.

Had the animal left? Craig thought to himself. Or had it died on his doorstep?

He started to open the door. Before he could put his hand on the knob, the door burst apart as a ferocious animal rammed it. The animal started to attack him. He tried to scream, but before a sound could come from his mouth, the animal had ripped out his throat, silencing his fears forever. Leeana, his sister, came into the room, hearing the commotion, half expecting her brother to have set up some erotic trap. She immediately forgot that night's pleasure when she saw her brother sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood with an animal chewing on him. She realized her mistake a second too late.

The beast jumps at her and rips open her stomach, spilling her innards over the rug on the floor. For the last few seconds of her life she sees, through immense pain, all of the organs of the human body that were never meant to see the light of day. Ha.


The phone was ringing.

"Damn!" Captain Grimes curses.

He released himself from the seductive grasp of Kala, his mistress, and gets up to answer the phone.

"Yes?" he barks into the phone.

"Sir? This is lieutenant Jake Knoles." comes the answer.

"Knoles? What do you want that can't wait until I get to the station?"

"Sorry to disturb you, Sir, but we seem to have a problem."

"Well, what- ack!- uh... what is it?" Grimes says as his mistress performed an interesting manoeuvre in his groin area.

"We have more deaths, sir." Lieutenant Knoles replies, "two more."

"OK," says Grimes, "I'll get right down."

8:15am The Next Day

"Another one?!" Captain Grimes screams.

"Yes, sir." replies Knoles.

"Christ! That's the ninth one today!"

"Eleventh, sir." Knoles corrects.

"Eleventh," Grimes mumbles, "Well, Knoles," he says, his voice getting louder, "Why do we have eleven deaths and we still don't have any clue as to who's doing it? Also, why are you in here, talking to me instead of being out there searching for clues? Go!"

As Knoles was leaving the office, another man walks in.

"Captain Grimes?" the man asks.

"Yes? What do you want?" Grimes answers gruffly.

"Captain, I am Colin Falkes, a professor of animal behavior. I believe I know what you're up against." the man says.

"Really? What makes you think that..." Grimes starts before Falkes cuts him off with a wave.

"Captain, what you are dealing with is an animal. A very ferocious animal. How do I know, you ask? Because, if you look at the murders, a pattern has formed. A circular pattern. A pattern of territory. This animal is creating boundaries for it's territory." Colin says.

"An animal?" asks Grimes after a moment.

"Yes." comes the reply.

"So," says Grimes, "this animal must be living somewhere within this area, right?"


"Where, then, do you think?"

"My guess would be in the middle." says Colin.

"The middle," says Grimes, thoughtfully, "then that would be..." he stops as he pinpoints the middle of the area on the map, "here?"

"Yes, this very station, probably." Colin states.

And, as if to prove Dr. Falkes right, a scream echoes through the building.

Lieutenant Jake Knoles had had about enough of the Captain's attitude. Jake had done almost everything within his power to bring this murderer to justice, but it just wasn't enough to please the Captain.

Jake walks down the hall leading to the ammunition room, because his revolver is low on ammo.

As he nears the room, he hears a slight crunching noise from inside.

Jake opens the door and looks inside.

"What the-" he starts.

The door shuts behind him with a loud -SLAM- and as Jake turns to it, he hears a growling noise.

He freezes.

An animal, looking somewhat like a dog, is in front of him, growling.

"Um, nice doggie." Jake says soothingly to the animal.

He takes a step towards the door and the animal growls louder.

He steps back.

"Oh, well. Sorry mutt." he says as he takes his gun from it's holster.

But before the gun is pulled halfway out, the animal leaps at Jake.

Lieutenant Jake Knoles is torn apart almost before he knows it, but not before his throat releases a high-pitched scream. Too bad.

8:20 am

Policemen and women are running all over the station.

Captain Grimes and Dr. Falkes rush out of the office and into a crowded hallway.

"Who was that?" asks Grimes of a passing officer.

"Sir, it sounded like Jake Knoles." come the reply.

"Damn!" curses Grimes. "You!" he says pointing to another officer. "Get the S.W.A.T. team!"

"Yes, sir!" the officer says and then runs off.

"I am going to stop this killing spree, right here." Grimes says to Falkes.

"You want to kill it, don't you?" the doctor asks, shocked.

"Of course I do, you idiot! That bastard of an animal has killed many people. It deserves to die."

"But, captain, this is a very unique animal! It must be studied. You must capture it! Not kill it!"

"No. It dies." Grimes says sternly, and with that, he leaves the doctor, standing frustrated, alone.

"Not if I find it first." Falkes says to himself, and runs down the hallway.


"No sign of the animal, sir." a young rookie reports to Captain Grimes.

"OK. Keep searching." Grimes orders.

"Captain Grimes." a voice comes from behind him.

"Yes?" Grimes says, turning.

"I am Captain Jerry Riley of the S.W.A.T. team. You have a rodent problem?"

"No, we have a vicious killer in this building and I want it dead. Shoot to kill stuff, captain."

"Very well. What are we looking for?"

"Um, some sort of animal."

"It will die when we find it." finishing this sentence, Riley turns to about twenty heavily armed soldiers.

"OK," he says, "We are looking for a dangerous animal. Let's go!"

With that, Riley and his team move off down a hallway, searching every room.

Grimes and his own men do the same down another hall.


The soldiers of Captain Riley search the halls of the building, but turn up nothing.

"Wait!" Riley yells to his team, stopping the line. "Up ahead." he says quietly.

The soldiers carefully move along the hall towards a room in which a noise is coming from. Growling.

The young soldier at the back of the line was the first to go. Before a noise was made, his life was terminated by something behind him. As he slumped to the ground, the animal crept upon the next person in line and disposed of her, too, without a sound.

The next soldier looked behind him and screamed just before his face was ripped off by a huge claw.

In the two seconds that followed, four more soldiers fell to the beast before even a shot was fired.

Guns went off but most of the bullets missed the beast and hit other soldiers.

"Shoot it! Shoot it!" yelled Captain Riley from the new rear.

Those were the last words he said, the beast he was originally tracking had come out of the room and snuck up on the soldiers whose attention was now directed the other way.

Five more soldiers are killed by the second beast and before the others realize what is happening, they are shredded like spaghetti between the two animals.


"Come on! Hurry up!" yells Captain Grimes to his squad of policemen.

They round a corner and immediately stop.

Before them lay what is left of the twenty members of the S.W.A.T. team.

Blood and torn bits of flesh are splattered all over the hall. Half chewed carcasses are laying in all sorts of positions.

"Oh, shit." says Grimes as several of his men turn around and vomit.

"Hey!" someone yells from the other end of the corridor.

"What-?" Grimes starts as he looks towards the figure of Dr. Falkes.

"You," says Falkes, "will not kill this animal."

Saying this, Falkes pulls the pin of a small hand grenade and throws it towards Grimes.

Grimes catches it and looks dumbly at it.


Falkes turns around and walks away as a giant explosion rocks the building.

"It's amazing what you can find in an armory." he says, chuckling.

As he rounds a corner, he stops.

Before him is an opening to a ventilation shaft that has been torn open. Inside, he can hear soft squeaking noises. Falkes gets down on his hands and knees and peers into the shaft.

In the gloom, he sees several small puppy-like animals sitting inside a nest-like structure.

"Oh, wow." Falkes whispers. Almost a second too late, he realizes that infants this young will not be left alone for too long.

As he starts to exit the shaft, a low growling sound comes from behind him. He turns around quickly and stares right into the face of one of the parents.

"Uh oh." he says. Just as the words leave his lips, an intense pain comes from his leg.

Dr. Falkes turns around again to see the other parent, who had just probably broken his leg from that bite.

The other animal bites and breaks Falkes' arm, leaving him unable to run away or crawl.

"Oh no." Falkes says as he realizes what is going to happen to him, "Oh no, no, No, NO!!"

His words are cut off as the infant animals crawl over him, tearing at his flesh and clothes. In his last few moments of consciousness, Dr. Colin Falkes sees one of the small animals chewing at his throat while another is busy excavating one of his eyes from it's socket. And so ends the life of Dr. Falkes.

But the good doctor did not leave the world of the living without taking one hit at these animals. Three of them had indigestion.