The New Jersey Parkway To Cape May

The humming, an anthem
The still-passing trees
A vein of a system
Blue and black underneath
Spring just new and arriving
As it turns into Blur
Peering out thru' reflection
Of a measured-off world

And tinted white rushings
A bird, circling lone
The friction of miles
Between Here and Home
The last throes of Sharpness
The blue melting down
A rhythm of passing
And the reception, Due South

The shafting of sunlight
And a dancing of Day
The Fox-Shadow stillness
As it fades back away
The prayer-Song of echoes
Like the Heron, to rise
Towards a fast-thawing Morning
And the myriad sky

Choose anyplace running
Black-yellow in blood
Of tires and prayer-song
Pressing sides of a wood
A breath-passing Springtime
The Heron and Hawk
Backwards to Morning
And on still to Dark

And Gold falling lightly
The cattails and Marsh
Tho' the whipping of
Wind-blown, ragged and harsh
Passed towns and expanses
Of water and trees
The shadow of evening
Beginning to Breath

But anthem, O prayer-song
While the dark-foxes move
Blue-black like the Hawk-shadow
Circling the wood
The roads that may carry
Both Springtime and Night
One by one each adherent
May affirm that thru' light