To Hawthorne...On A December Evening

Where are you, tonight...
Trailing a faint wake of
Mist-forming clouds back from
A waning 10-o'clock moon
And do you watch with me
(as the tiny dog forages through
The clumping shadowed leaves)
This diamond-glinting night,
Do you single out a star
Of those countless, myriad, heaven-spangled,
Call it a saint
Or a sinner,
Call it good or evil...
And do you walk beside me,
Through a too-warm evening,
A deeply-slumbering winter, awaken
It, do you grope through a
Starry blue, for some unknown
Come, you and I, the effusive plume-tailed dog,
Bouncing along at your heel,
Show me how the dark side of a
Gibbous moon blends
Into guilded white,
And define, for me, your
Scarlet goodness
Or your iron sufferings...
Tell me, does humanity weep and writhe in anguish
On an almost-winter night, shinning
Of milky crystal and iced over diamond,
Do you cast a darkened shadow, still,
Over the
Fluting spring hopes of your contemporaries,
With your steel-tinted world
View, do you still dare tread the
Conflicting, inky waters of man's Living Heart?
Come, leave your dusty Customs House, your
Guilty Salem,
Walk with me,
Explain to me the beauty of sadness, the
Allure of human frailties, for I know only the
Moon as it is,
And you...
You see it wanning