The Tales Of Morrigan:

"Thank you, really, I don't desirve this. Listen, I have got to go, but thank you!
God, you would think I have enough flowers to last me all this season!" Morrigan said as wiped his
slick black hair, standing at 6 feet, brown eyes, and exsausted!

"You had a good night." Tyron said with a little grin on his face. After that, Morrigan
put his hand on Tyron's shoulder to create a rather waking-up sot of zap.

As Tyron jumped and screamed, he camly said,"Thank you, always helps to have a vital
organ ruptured." as he fell back into his chair."Are we having a lesson at the roach apart-
ment tonight?"

"Nope, Doyle is house sitting for this family. And we have the honor of crashing in
tonight. So I'll expect you to be at your best and not complain about the cramp room." Morrigan
is Tyrons teacher of the Craft. He is at the age of twenty and currently works with Tyron, who
is 18 and also works with the Acting Troope. Morrigan is playing the Rumpous Cat in CATS and
Tyron is Misto!

"Crap," he mutters, "Well, the masion thing is cool. Lets go, I'm done."

"Well, hell, I'm not! Damn blush!"

They arive at this beatiful mansion, right in the middle of the boondocks. There they
greeted by not Doyle, but two girls they have never seen before. They go by Evita and Zoey.
"Um, hhhhhi. Are you two the in keepers or something?" asked Morrigan.

"Or are you two like butlers? Yoah, cool!" Tyron said as he quickly started to drowl
at their site.

"Guess again. We're here house sitting! Who are two?" asked the girl named Zoey.

"We're doing the same!" replied Morrigan

"Damn it Doyle!" yelled Evita.

Tyron became very angured so he just let himself in. Evita and Zoey were NOT happy
sharring a house with them. And especialy with each other. Ever since those two saw each other
they couldn't bare take another look. The only reason why they were spending the night together,
was, duh, the mansion! After a brief unpacking, they all walked in the kitchen for a chat.
"I'm going to kill Doyle!" yelled Zoey.

"Listen, we can make good out of this." said Morrigan, as he tried to ad a little
sanity to the group. But still not happy because he need to practice the Craft with Tyron. He
couldn't let his secret just be found out so easily.

"Well, we have all the time in the world, so why not?" blurted out Evita.

"Nice one." murmured Zoey. And Morrigan was quick to reply:"Meaning what?"

"Nothing at all!" Evita said again. Tyron wasn't going to take that. He stuck out his
finger and promptly said, "Tell no lie, fool!"

"I'mavampireandwe'rebothimmortalandEvitaisthewalkingdead." bulurted out Zoey. Evita
gave her one right across the head."But I didn't mean to say anything! And why are you two so
calm? What is your story?"

Tyron quickly repiled by saying how him and Morrigan were both immortal Warlocks.
He couldn't resist! He couldn't just quite take his eys off Evita. He felt something, but not
exactly, love."Well, that was interresting. Me and Zoey found other people like us. Just with
more problems. Listen, I'm bording out of here tomorrow for Rome in the morning. Personalty
change thing."

"Well, what do you know, I'm not doing CATS for the next few months so why don't I
go with you?" Tyron said with all his hair standin upright. He was exstatic with getting to be
alone with Evita. That will mak ehis day.

"Good; I'm getting sick of you hitting me with cars, mentally." Morrigan said as he
rubbed a bruise on his arm.

The next morning, Evita and Tyron started packing and went on the trip to Rome.
All Evita plans to do is start agin on her killing spree she began several hundreed years ago.
Tyron just wants to see her at all times.

Just to get more aquanted, Zoey and Morrigan take a walk on the path near the mansion,
surronded by woods."So basicaly, you can do martial arts?"

"Um, no, the Arts, also known as the Craft. We harm none and do good."

"Screw harming none! I need my blood, man!

"If we did that, we would be killed! The Powers That Be don't really approve of that.Listen,
we better get back to the mansion."

"Okay, ew, a really gross bug is on that tree. I think it is one of those stinky thingies."

"A stink bug." replied Morrigan as he said "Flicka" and flicked it towards Zoey.
She screams and runs for the hills."Imbecile," he says, "Gross, it squirts."