Hey there! This is Gel! First story right here.. its rather nuts.. don't even ask what possessed me to write it.. I think I write pretty badly.. yes.. so.. anyways.. all these characters belong to ME the storyline belongs to ME now that i have the stuff done.. on to the story!!

Essylit blew her blue bangs out of her face and rolled her eyes skyward. Math. It was evil. Satanic and evil. Especially Algebra II/Trig, that was the worst ever! Essylit occupied her time in that class, watching the second hand slowly tick by.. she would stare at it for a long enough period of time, so that the second hand appeared to go backwards, and that proved Essylit's theory of schoolitivity. The Theory was this: The clocks in the school used some sort of scientific law to go backwards to keep students within their Algrebra II classes for longer periods of time Her eyes darted towards the open window and she stared wistfully towards the large Sakura tree just outside, blowing gently in the wind. Man, what ever happened to the subject of recess? They needed more of those instead of learning how to find the square root of 51i times 5 over 67.

"Miss Naothe do you have something you want to comment on?" Her teacher demanded throwing his hands on his hips angrily staring at her from the front of the room. Of all the teachers in the school.. she thought. Mr. Falcon was the worst illtempered arrogant jerk, if he were a woman it'd be called menopause. His glasses were tilted proudly on his nose, Essylit figured he didn't actually need glasses, they just made him feel more important. He wore trousers and suspenders, his eyes were bugged out and he had a large bump on his head, that reminded everyone in school of a tumor. on his forehead. It was rumored that the ball twitched and grew if he got really angry. Essylit didn't believe this for a second considering Mr. Falcon got angry at her nearly every day for some ridiculous reason or the next. So what if she didn't pay attention? Was that any reason to give her detention?! Essylit glared back at him but before she could answer and tell him yes, she did have a comment on how completely boring she found his class, how utterly useless Cosigns where, how much she longed to throw her book into a roaring pit of flames(along with the math teacher), how she wished that the boy in the back of the class would stop making those obscene noises.. the bell rang. Someone up there loved her! The blue haired girl jumped out of her chair.

"FREE AT LAST!!!!" She shouted punching her fist into the air(AN: haven't you always wanted to do that?) and sprinted out the door. Not even hearing her teacher yell at her about the knee length shorts she wore under the frill this school believed to be a plaid skirt in which a white polo shirt was messily tucked into. She continued to run, dodging people in the hallway and waving to friends as she ran towards her goal. It was lunch time, Lunch was by far the best time of the day, it meant one thing, and that was what Essylit was racing towards. She quickly leaped over the freshman who got in her way, stumbled a bit as she landed before coming to her goal. She smiled and pressed her nose up against the glass and nearly drooled with happiness. This was the best part of the day. The part where she wanted to get up on a desk and polka til there was no tomorrow the part where--

"Hurry up there you idiot!" Someone shouted, and Essylit was rudely pulled out of her dreamlike state. Bless the milk machine.. But not just any milk machine.. it had.. Vanilla milk in it! Essylit stopped to glare angrily at the boy who had shouted, he took an involentary step back before she turned around again. She quickly pulled out the required change but as she pushed the buttons there was a strange tingling sensation at the tips of her fingers. An odd white shmmering light suddenly expanded from the buttons and enveloped her gently like a warm blanket. This was NOT something Essylit wanted, no matter how warm the sparkling white stuff seemed to be. Essylit felt a strong pull tugging her inside, she quickly disappeared inside the strange vortex spinning around dizzily. She didn't even have a chance to scream outloud or grab onto a students collar. The people who had been standing behind her had witnessed it all, but the light flashed, the students blinked, forgetting about their odd blue haired school mate before looking at each other, shrugging and the next person in line bought his milk.

Essylit found herself in a swirl of white. What the hell had the teachers done to her milk machine?!? They would pay!!!! Soon the spinning grew so fast her head hurt and she clenched her violet eyes shut against the swirling.

Suddenly Essylit landed with a resounding thud, she got up moaning and looked around before her jaw fell open and she did the only thing that came to mind. Panic.