Chapter 20: Epilogue

"We are gathered here to mourn the passing-"

"Where the hell am I?" Essylit asked aloud. It was cold, cramped, and completely dark. The girl found herself lying down, clutching at what felt like roses. It felt like velvet underneath her although her whole body was damnably stiff - as though it had been in the same position for hours.

"ow.." She grumbled, trying to massage her neck, her knuckles slammed against a wooden roof of some sort and she yelped out in pain.

"of one of our greatest heroines…"

"What the hell is going on? Where am I?" The ex-guardian also noticed that it was rather musty in here, and she had no room to move around in. She then realized there was a murmur of voices, and she decided that if someone where there they could possibly clue her in as to what the hell was going on.

"She was killed in battle, but she did not die in vain. She has saved us all.."

"Who the HELL are they talking about?" Essylit was getting supremely frustrated. It was not fun being in a stupid box, listening to some woman talking about some great personage. This was ridiculous.

"…she was a kind, gentle soul.."

"Who is that? LET ME OUT GODDAMN IT!"

"…never raising her voice, only fighting if she needed to…"

"LET ME OUT OR I SWEAR TO WHATEVER GOD THERE IS THAT I'M GONNA KICK YOUR STUPID ASS!" The girl panicked and began banging at the sides of whatever she was in.

Calvin looked up as there was a muffled thump coming from the coffin. The priestess continued to drone on, but his attention rested solely upon the wooden casket holding the body of the magical girl.


"…a gentle soul, with a warm and generous heart.." the priestess continued.

"I'LL KILL THE LOT OF WHO EVER IS OUT THERE IF YOU DON'T LET ME OUT!" Kayana and William had also started listening to the noise from the coffin. The prince, the knight and the psychic watched in horror as it started to rock back and forth.

"What the.." William murmured. The priestess continued.

"She will always be remembered as peaceful, serene and tender hearted.. Our Prince will now say a few words about the guardian." Calvin slowly got up, but instead of going to the podium, he walked towards the large ebony black coffin, very tentatively lifting the lid, only to fall back in surprise as it was blasted open by a well aimed kick. There was a gasp through the room, everyone's eyes wide with fear and shock. All eyes were locked on the now open coffin, though people reeled back in surprise as a familiar figure sat up, coughing loudly.

"Thank God. I was running out of air. Where the HELL am I?" She demanded, not looking up. "Better question is what the HELL am I wearing?" It was a familiar light silvery blue dress. The froof.. she was wearing the froof. The one from the ball.. her head shot up only to look around in surprise. Apparently she wasn't the only one who was stunned by the interesting circumstances.

"It's a demon!" The priestess gasped in horror, throwing glittery sand at Essylit, who scowled as it settled in her hair. Her scowl turned to the priestess as she sneezed.

"You'll pay for that." She growled, shaking the bouquet of flowers at the priestess warningly.

"Be gone demon! Leave the body of this sparkling epitome of goodness and love!" The priestess threw more sand. Essylit's scowl deepened as her violet eyes narrowed.

"shut up would you? God, were all priestesses this annoying? Mahlla was a bitch but at least she wasn't such an idiot."

William was the first one who managed to get his voice back - unless you counted the priestess who was praying furiously and every once and a while tossing sand up in the air - now fearing that the demon would physically attack her if she threw more sand at her.

"..Essylit?" He asked tentatively, standing up and slowly walking over. She rolled her eyes as she struggled to get out of the coffin - an extraordinarily difficult feat considering the gown barely allowed her to move, much less heft her legs over the edge of the wood. She sighed before crawling onto her knees.

"Duh. God you were celebrating my funeral already? I've been gone what? Twenty four hours? This is ridiculous!" Kayana's face contorted, as if she wasn't sure whether or not to laugh or cry. Calvin was just staring in shock, William was grinning.

"You're alive?" Calvin whispered, mouth open. Essylit rolled her eyes.

"Obviously." She grumbled. "Thanks for the welcome you guys, make a girl feel really loved." The prince stood up, walked over and pinched the magical girl.

"OW!" She smacked him upside the head with her flowers. "What was that for you jerk?!"

"Making sure I wasn't dreaming."

"You're supposed to pinch yourself, not me you idiot!" She growled. "And of course you're not dreaming. God, you sound so thrilled to see me." She hit him again. "Let me out!"

The prince shook his head in shock before grabbing her waist and lifting, pulling her out of the coffin.

"You need to loose weight." He grumbled as he set her down on the floor.

"You need to work out and get some muscles. God you're such a wimp." She muttered. William rolled his eyes. These two were totally helpless. She was back and already they were arguing, and Essylit was beating him up with the flowers. Calvin was trying to grab said flowers - that were quickly loosing their petals - away from the insane guardian. The rest of the gathering apparently were still getting over the shock of a dead guardian coming back to life. Calvin noted the audience and shooed them away. No one spoke until the door closed with a bang, leaving them alone in the large empty ballroom.

"Now Essylit. I knew you were a fighter, but even this boggles the mind. I know you were definitely dead.. How on earth did you cheat death?" William started, watching in amusement as Calvin snatched the roses away from the girl and threw them as hard as he could down the aisle. Kayana had walked over, finally finding the strength to move. Essylit grinned at William, obviously not noticing that her weapon was stolen away from her.

"I died twice." She told him proudly. William blinked.

"Ah. That makes sense."

"No it doesn't." Essylit corrected. William paused in thought.

"True. It doesn't. Thus, I understand."

"Neither of you are making sense." Kayana grumbled. Calvin nodded his agreement.

"I died here. Then I went and visited the .. goddess of Earth, then I went back to my Earth. Then I fell off a cliff."

".. you fell off of a cliff?" Kayana demanded, rolling her eyes.

"I didn't jump!"

"Are you a mind reader too?" William asked innocently. Both Essylit and Kayana thwacked him upside the head. Calvin grinned.

"Ouch." He murmured unsympathetically. Essylit hit the prince.

"Don't mock him." She grumbled. William and Calvin shared a look.

"Women." Was the synchronized statement.

"I didn't jump." Essylit said, finally remembering the actual topic of the conversation. "I was thinking, trying to gain perspective. Then the wind.." Essylit trailed off, pausing thoughtfully. "THAT BASTARD!" she suddenly shouted, making Calvin jump.

"Who?" William demanded.

"Earth." Kayana filled in, gazing at Essylit in confusion. Essylit was too distracted to yell at Kayana for reading her mind without permission.

"He killed me!"

"He?" Calvin demanded. Essylit rolled her eyes.

"Oh please. Earth. He killed me! Twice! The snarky little bastard I swear if I ever see him again I'll-"

".. Earth's a guy?" William interrupted.

"That's beside the point! He pushed me off of a cliff!"

"Well it was rather stupid to be standing on the edge of a cliff." Kayana told her. Essylit sighed.

"Perspective. I wanted perspective damn it."

"..Earth's a guy?" The first knight repeated. The other three rolled their eyes.

"William. Focus." Kayana snapped.

"On what? It's all very simple. Two negatives multiplied equals a positive. Essylit died twice. She wants to kill the Earth whom we call Mother Earth who is actually Father Earth. She will soon realize that this is a rather ridiculous idea considering the Earth brought her back to be with us. The people who love her." William said waving a hand casually. "Let's eat. I'm hungry, and we made a spectacularly good feast. When in mourning, eat a lot. Or in Celebration of life defeating death, or some such spiritual thing." With that the knight walked off leaving three blank faced people watching him. Kayana sighed heavily before following him, and nodding at them to follow. Essylit shrugged, grabbed Calvin's hand and dragged him away to the dining room, where there was already a feast. The black banners had been taken down, leaving the whole place quite bare - but everyone's spirits were so high that it didn't matter what it looked like.

Essylit ate and ate, talked, ate and ate some more. She was back in her old spot to the right of Calvin, William and Kayana sitting across from her. The best part of the meal and celebration was of course, when Kai came running up and latched onto her legs.

He didn't let go for the rest of the evening. There was music, and there was dancing. Essylit let Kai stand on her feet, and taught him to properly dance - something his parents would never be able to do. At least she hoped she was teaching him how to properly dance, she wasn't quite sure as she had had a crappy teacher. Kayana was as bad as William was when it came to the dance, Essylit and Kai had fun laughing at the couple as they attempted to dance with four left feet.

Calvin merely sat and watched the girl of his dreams laughing and spinning with the redheaded three year old, still amazed that she was alive. She was with him. She wasn't gone, and he still had a chance. Although now was really not the time, as the bloody child was taking up all of her time.

Much later, when most were completely drunk, and those who weren't were escorting the drunk off the premises, Essylit gave Kai a gentle kiss on the cheek - the child sleepily murmuring how glad he was that she was back because now he could marry her. Think again kid. Calvin thought jealously, watching all of this with an appraising eye. He inwardly smacked himself. Imagine the prince of the earth afraid a three year old was going to get the girl over him. Strange what love does to you.

The child fell asleep as soon as he rested his head on William's shoulder. The couple carrying him up to their quarters in the palace. Essylit was ready to go to sleep herself and was heading to her own quarters.

"Essylit." Calvin called. She spun around to look at him, yawning.


"Walk with me?" He asked, giving her puppy dog eyes. She sighed, giving in immediately. He smiled happily - like a child receiving a birthday present, offered his arm, which she took and he led her out to the Palace gardens.

"I missed you." Calvin finally murmured, stopping and turning to look at her. Essylit caught his eye and swallowed down a lump in his throat. Calm down Essylit. He's just a friend.

"I missed you too." She said, not being able to meet his gaze. Why was this so embarrassing anyways? The man took her hands into his, giving her a shy crooked smile.

"I don't think you realize how much I missed you Essy." He whispered. Her breath hitched as she looked up, loosing herself in his stare. This was pathetic. She was turning into a mushy female.

"I was a coward.. it took loosing you once to give me courage. I can't loose you again. At least not without you knowing where I stand."

"And where do you stand?" She asked, finding herself subconsciously leaning towards him. His forehead touched hers and he pressed a soft peck on her lips, and what felt like an electric jolt went through her system.

"Simple. I'm in love with you." And without giving her a chance to respond, he pressed a deeper, longer, and much more meaningful kiss against her lips. Essylit hadn't been kissed before - as pathetic as it was. But she was sure, that even if she had been kissed a hundred times, it wouldn't - couldn't compare to this innocent brush of naïve lips she was experiencing. It was sweet, and gentle. It almost made her want to cry. Almost. He pulled away after a lingering moment and smiled. Essylit returned the grin.

"I'm a dense oblivious idiot." She told him. Calvin raised an eyebrow.

"I know all that." Essylit thwacked him.

"So I'm not good with this emotional stuff. I'm not good with the matters of the heart.." She continued. He felt his heart falling, what was she trying to say?

"But." Calvin was never happier to hear that, "I do love you." She concluded. He smiled. "Now kiss me again." She commanded, he grinned and leaned forward.

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