The Enchanted Forest

A/N: I hope ever so much that this will turn out well. I am so proud of this idea. It’s modeled after a lot of things in my life. I plan for this to be my best attempt at a break into my writing career. I don’t mean I want it published. I want to show myself that I want to pursue. If I can’t be proud of myself then I’ll never make it right? Oh, well. I’ve told you about myself, but you want to read right? Right!



In a time when the world was young, before the dinosaurs were first conceived and the continents were still aligned, there lived many enchanted races. Many realms and kingdoms were found in this great land and none were fairer than the realm called The Forest of Golendine.


For only in this realm lived the race of the O'taku with the ears of Elves, yet the size of Men. They were a magic folk of elemental spells and mysterious powers. Also, there lived a rare species of fairies. The Elenine Fairies lived from the Elenine flower as all fairies live from one plant or another. They treasured music and played a healing tune from their flutes wrought of the stem of their plant.

The O'taku and Elenine Fairies lived in peace with one another as the O'taku lent protection to the helpless fairies and the fairies calmed the troubled hearts of O'taku.

The O'taku had a family of leaders: a king, queen, and princess at the time of this tale. With kind heart and firm hand, they governed the forest and it's creatures and they were loved by all.

One type of tree lived in this forest. The Golendine as the forest was named. The leaves of the Golendine stayed the color of the golden medal of the dwarfen mines the whole year round and emitted a soft golden light. It was in these trees that the O'taku lived and built their city.