Real Name: Malcolm Alexander Peralty
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 208 lb.
Dominant Hand: Left
Hair Colour: Black/reddish brown highlights
Hair Characteristics: Short with long bangs.
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Build: Strong wide shoulders, Muscular Legs and Arms, Thick Fingers, Small feet (Size 11 men's shoes), muscular abdomen.
Face: Triangular, strong chin. Well set eyes. Thin lips. Arched eyebrows.
Clothing: Black Jeans, Black tight t-shirt, Black long loose trench coat. Sometimes caught wearing red t-shirt or dark gray cargo pants.
Shoes: Black work boots. Steel heel. Not steel toe. Steel clamped (not string tied)
Birthplace: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Earth.
Birth date: November 14, 2025
Home: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Earth. A large house with three floors. High tech everything. Big luxurious, barely any walls in the house.
Habits: Information Junkie (wants to know everything about everything)
Vehicle: Kawasaki Ninja 2300 SX
Weapons: A Katana from 1400 AD made from diamond laced steel. A Katana made from Polycarbonites made in 2018, totally indestructible and cuts through everything including Diamond.
Powers: Telepathy:
Range: 1200 Kilometers
Connection Level: Total (see through eyes, etc.)
Range: 800 Kilometers
Intensity: 20-Ton single TK bursts or 20-Ton lift
Knowledge Absorption:
Touches someone and absorbs all their knowledge. He forgets it after
Two hours unless he touches them again. He can probe and steal specific memories or can be general. There is no defense because it
Is beyond telepathy.
Range: 85 Kilometers
Extra Weight: Ten People or 1.5 tons
Uses telepathy to scan area before teleporting in.