"Rider of Dragons"
Evil Overlady

I am the rider of dragons,
Servant and master of none.
I am the rider of dragons,
Symbol of hope and freedom.

The dragons took me when I was a girl
And sick beyond a human cure.
The healers told my father of an herb
That only the dragons procured.

So Father took me to forbidden hills.
To seek the dragons for their aid.
No fear was heeded to their deadly claws
Just that they might turn him away.


But Father met the mighty dragon lord
And proud he was to be of need.
"I'll help your child," he said to my father.
"But cost much, it will, I concede."

"I'll cure your daughter," said the dragon lord.
"And every child your clan may bear,
"But I have been without a single chick
"So I ask a human daughter.

"We dragons hold your clan in high esteem
"Unlike the humans come before.
"Though few are those who see you're not all bad,
"A human 'chick' can't be ignored."


My dad resisted but he let me go
To live and learn the dragons' ways,
And every year we traded child and herb
So our new alliance won't fray.

We are the riders of dragons,
Servants and masters of none.
We are the riders of dragons,
Symbols of hope and freedom.

You are a rider of dragons
If your heart desires to fly,
Descended from riders of dragons
Stalwart and true till you die.

We are the riders of dragons...