Time crawls by slowly

The day pours over my eyes

Dragging them shut

My hands are rusted

From the cold damp air

Inside my head

I know I’ll never escape

I’ll keep my hand moving to stay in this world

This life

Of imagination

Inside my head

Feeling abandoned

Feeling lost

I now can rely on only myself

I have been decieved by life and death both

By my own thoughts and feelings I’ve kept

Inside my head

I live in the shadows in the cold damp room

I dwell on my memories

And weep for the future

I live in my dreams

And die in my nightmares

Inside my head

However, in this cold damp room I stay

My memories I have forgotten

I know I am not awake

This is not reality

A dream?


This is a nightmare…that I feel I will never awake from

Inside my head…