Memo to Mr. Jack Gildendon, O.S.T. :

First, I would like to thank you for all of your years of service to the Society. Your commitment has been an invaluable resource to our order.

Second, I offer my condolences about your loss. Your brother was a valuable asset to the Society, and his research has helped build the foundation of things yet to come. Your sister-in-law's patience with your brother was saintly, and may they both rest in peace with the Lord, our God.

Lastly, your leave is granted. However, please forward all information regarding Miss Sibyl that you know of and detailed directions to reach the estate she is living on. I will be sending another agent to investigate this matter. It will be highly appreciated if you could reply as soon as possible.

Praise be to God and His Loyal Apostles, and let His light shine truth upon us all.

Sean O'Cleary, D.S.T., R