London & Charleston By Night From The Thames Or The Cooper Rivers

The Thames or the Cooper
Both sipping the Night
The reflections of Herons
And the refraction of light
While somewhere--Humanity
A pulse and of Dark
The shadows on starlight
Or the hunting night-hawk

Somewhere, O Cities
Lying small by the depth
Of the evening and rivers:
All the way it is kept
London or Charleston
The surrounding swamp-fields
The Rice Kings, the Gentry
Cosmopolitan Appeal

Elegant Game-cocks, or of
London's refined
The young men and their Cities
Ah, the Beautiful Kind
But the evening is setting
On the smoke-misted bay
The Ships docked 'til morning
Sails tied back 'til day

The softness of candles
The silky-gold stand
While the Thames and the Cooper
Reflecting right back
A small-new Young City
Or the Centuries seen
The backdrop of nightfall
The fog-rolling sheen

Your white horse into Charleston
Your Londoner's Guide
While the Rivers and Cities
All at once coincide
The Rice-growing Uplands
The Empire's head
In the star-glimmered backdrop
All evenly spread

The candle-lit streets and
A Heron takes flight
The Thames and the Cooper
Grow part to the Night
London and Charleston
As the Hawk circles 'round
The game-cocks and Londoners
Roost safe in their Towns

(A/N...sorry for the ridiculously long title...)