Don't you think I tried to be

Exactly what you needed?

Don't you think I tried to help

The part of you that pleaded

For someone just to care about you

Someone to be there

Someone who would tiptoe closer

Someone who would dare

To enter that dark mind of yours

And open up your eyes

To the life that's all around us

The life that could fly by

In a fraction of a second

And leave us all behind

I tried to help you understand

But you were just so blind

I tried to make it better

I was there when you were down

I tried to chase away the bad

But all you did was frown

I guess I shoud be understanding

But I've seen what you could've been

And this new attitude I face

Is just you, giving in

I'm not hurt by your bleak depression

I'm not hurt by your "pain"

I'm not hurt by your loss of love

Or the way your just complained

No, all of this had hurt me once

But now I know the truth

It's all of your own doing

And I can't bring back your youth

The part of you that is so cold

That pushed me far away

The part of you that shut me out

Is what still hurts today

--Given up on Bret--

i wrote this poem about a guy i met online. he was really sweet in the beginning, but he kept getting colder, cruler, and more distant. i just gave up on him in the end.
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