Author's Notes: This is honestly true. This is what I dream of night after night...Otherwise I have really messed up nightmares. O.o But oh well. ^^

View on Hell

What have you heard about hell? A lot of people have different views on it, mostly the flames and suffering, heat and the neverending torture.

But that doesn't seem like hell. For some people it'd be perfect.

Other theories have said that hell changes to the opposite of an individuals' paradise. This I also disagree with.

Hell in general seems..a religious fear that supposedly keeps people away from sin. Yet how many people say they believe in hell and have committed so many sins?

In my personal view, there is one hell. A white hell. There is no taste, there is no smell, there is no sound, there is no touch. There is nothing. Pure white, where sound is absent, taste is meaningless, smell is obliterated, and there is nothing to touch. Complete isolation would cause utter suffering and loneliness.

I don't think anyone could live like that. But I have to.