As I sit in the darkness

Sorrows gather in my mind

I sift through the shadowed corners

Trying to find whats left of my life

I gather up all that I can find

All the pieces

Of my shattered life

And I try to put it back together

I work hard

Trying to piece them together

Add some glue to stop it falling apart again

The result of my hard work

Is a miserably shaped mind and body

It does not resemble what once existed

And it never will

I can never go back to how life use to be

Sometimes I wish I could

But its not possible

This is my life now

Bits and pieces of shattered glass

A shattered mind, body, and soul

No matter how I put them together

Or how much glue I use

They won't fit together again

Course what do you expect

Some pieces are completley missing

Totally shattered and destroyed in the fall

I can only pick up what is left

And try to move on