I was pulled from the safety, the answer to my prayers
The place where I direct WHAT goes on, WHEN, and even WHERE.
The place where I go when things aren't quite right,
I hide inside, away from the night.
I didn't think I was noticed; just one more lie I'd made;
I blocked out the world, made the pain go away.
And one by one they became aware
they would speak right to me, and know I wasn't there.
So I started to think, break out of my bubble,
I needed some help, my world was in trouble.
So I got the pills and a pat on the back,
These would give me the sanity, and the hope that I lacked.
I'm thinking so clearly and it hurts unlike before,
My life was destroyed with the slam of the mental door.
I'm picking up the pieces, still obsessing of my world,
longing for it more and more, I think there is no cure.
I'm reaching out to touch it, but it dissolves inside my brain
If this is normal I'll give it back, I want to be INSANE.
No one hurts, no one's scared, there is nothing that they need.
Here there's pain, longing,constant despair, and so many people who bleed.
I want it back, the warmth through the night, I'm afraid that I might die.
I know why I was there before...
I chose sanity, why?