Three Birds

~ There is an old superstition that if you see three birds perched together, you can make a wish, and as long as one of the birds does not fly away, the wish will come true...kind of corny, but hey! The World is full of mystery ~

The haze burned off morning
All the fields full and new
Shadows intertwining
And out of it, you
Wasting my words, and
A pastoral appearance--
It comes in the wings, all
This odd interference

Three birds on a line
Nestled back from the rain
Glancing up quickly,
Pronouncing your name
Pointing out Cities
Individual truths
The charms and the realness
That comes with it, too

All the Old Borders
And the natural Divides:
Those pieces, those tangents
You help to provide
From Dresden to Richmond,
Munich and then
A stop in the South--
Those Birds in the Rain

And all that tradition
Down thru', may go
It took my some years
But at last now I know
On a shelf in a bookstore
While it hailed on the Streets
I found certain Meaning
In Birds and in Three

American sayings in
Some pastoral praise
The difference in Danzig
Blacked out for the raids
And Charleston, Some Time
The city and War
That little book saying:
"It had been this, before"

So coming back home
Thru' the screen and the Sky
The birds on the wire,
Too Sodden to fly
Three: there they preened
While I murmured refrains
For the cities, the crisis,
The birds and the rain