One day in the middle of spring, a girl named Eden had just turned 16

One day in the middle of spring, a girl named Eden had just turned 18. I am Eden. I have long, wavy, sandy, blonde hair, and my eyes were the color of sapphires. I am not too tall, only about 5' 4" and around medium size.

I was talking to my mom one day in about mid April. We were discussing my privileges and responsibilities now that I am older. Some times we just can't see eye to eye.

I really have a bad temper most of the time. And mom was really bothering me that day. She was saying how I should be more responsible. It was like she didn't see what I did do and only saw my flaws. So I got tired of it and blew up on her. I told her exactly how I felt, I felt better afterwards. But then mom blew up right back at me. I don't think I have ever seen her that upset.

To keep from showing her how hurt I was, I ran out the door. I ran down our small sand and gravel driveway and kept on running down the road. At the end of the road stood tall trees and grass so tall it had gone to seed. I ran into the thick mass of trees and shrubs. Tears were flowing down my face like torrents, so the scenery was very blurry. I soon ran out of breath and stopped. I propped my tired body onto a fallen over tree. It was moss covered and was probably home to millions of little critters. I stood there gasping for breath and wiping my burning, watering and stinging eyes.

Once I was calmer I began to take in my scenery. It was quite overwhelming. It was as if I felt like I was in a Dr. Seuss storybook. Everything seemed to have a 2-d appearance to them. At first I was very scared, and rightfully so. The trees ranged in heights from 2cm to 500 feet. They were all brilliant. They were in indescribably beautiful colors, greens purples blues yellows reds black white oranges brown tan every color of the rainbow and beyond. They also had all sorts of designs on them, some like checkerboards to others like abstract cats. And they really looked the trees in Dr. Seuss books. It was just amazing! The ground was also was very strange. It was like I would imagine the surface of the moon being. It was Very rocky. But was very strange in a way, like it had a thin layer of water on top, the water like layer look like the color of the liquid metal Mercury. I reached down the touch the ground and it felt like the consistency of jello. I began stepping on it. It seemed sturdy enough.

Something that really caught my eye was the path that lay in front of me. It was made up of small green and blue pebbles, all scattered together to make a beautiful array of sea green colors. I reached down to feel them; they felt similar to those little gumballs you get out of machines. It was about 3 feet wide. On the sides of the path there were perfectly rounded stones. The diameter of the largest stone was about 5 feet. Then it progressively went down to ones marble size. They were in perfect stair step order.

On the stone to my left that sat right in front of me (one of the largest ones) there was a little note. It said

"To you,

I don't care who or what you are; but you need to follow this path. Trust me!

- A. Friend"

So of course I began walking. I thought it would be good to let off steam while I was walking and to check out this awesome place.

I heard the gravels crunching under my feet. Sounded like I was walking on Captain Crunch cereal. I didn't really like the sound so I began to walk along side it on the ground.

Suddenly I fell. I began to mutter to myself, "stupid! You can't even balance yourself! You can't do anything." I began looking at my reflection the strange ground. With out warning I felt myself begin to fall. Instantly I found my self struggling, screaming, and tearing to get myself up. It was like I was in quicksand over my head, drowning in it. I was stuck. I was running out of strength. I couldn't take it any longer! Being stuck in that, I was helpless. There were no people around. I just knew I couldn't go on. I was pushing, pulling, tugging, and gripping for that last bit of energy to pull me up to the top to get air. But it wasn't there. I had no energy left. I, in reality only had been in there for around 30 seconds. But it seemed to be an eternity. I began to cry. I was thinking about my family and not even getting to tell them goodbye. And how mom and I had parted… in a fight. It was overwhelming. I felt so rotten. I then realized what a fool I have been for being so mean, and not listening to her. I just longed to die. How could I have been so wrong to her, so evil?

I gave up. I shut my eyes and just went limp. I opened them to get one last glimpse of what it all looked like; I just knew I was going to die.

But when I opened them. There I was again, looking down at my reflection in the strange ground. It was like I was back from the dead. I thought for sure I was as good as gone. I instantaneously began to pinch myself to make sure I was really alive and/or wake. My mouth was wide open. "It's a miracle! It's a miracle!" I began shouting. I was jumping up and down out of glee! Until that very moment I had never understood the real meaning of how important it is to be alive.

I stood up and looked around; still in awe of my surroundings. But I must say now I appreciated them more, even though I had no clue where in the world or even universe I was.

I decided to get back on the path. I didn't want any thing like the quicksand like stuff to happen again.

I climbed over the rocks and hopped off the top of it onto the path. I no longer cared about the crunching.

I saw another note. It said I should keep going and there would be a reward for me if I got to my final destination. I began thinking out loud, saying "What final destination? I don't even know where I am at!"

But I figured to keep on going and that this situation couldn't get any worse than what it is now. And hey, there was always an exit! Just turn around and go back.

I walked and walked. I was viewing the strange but beautiful surrounding around me.

I noticed something. I couldn't really describe it. But it was stillness, a silence; too much of one. I felt something, a presence of something else there. I started to get afraid. It was the feeling of someone or something watching me. I was looking all around. I didn't see anything. But then I thought "Your silly Eden, there's nothing anywhere. It's just your imagination. But wait a minute. If there is no one else here, how did those notes appear? Who put them there?"

Before I knew it I was shouting out while I was walking. " I don't care who you are, but what do you want with me? Whatever you want just leave me alone! Please! I beg you"

I looked down at the path watching me feet while I was walking. I felt tears welding up in my eyes. They were burning. I began rubbing them and I was sobbing like a baby. I didn't see anything but blur. I decided to sit on a round rock along side the path. I looked up. I thought it best if I kept walking. I felt lost. No one was anywhere, which I could see anyways. But whatever was there was torturing me. And obviously didn't care.

I was looking straight ahead, determined to make it. I turned around to look back once more to make sure for the last time I didn't see anything.

I felt myself slip. I was falling again. But this time not down in quicksand, no, I was falling into something worse.

I was dropping into a huge canyon it made the Grand Canyon look like a small crack in the sidewalk.

I thrust my falling body onto the wall of the canyon. I grabbed hold of a ledge. I was about 100 feet from the top. I didn't dare look down at my dangling feet. I saw plenty of the canyon while I was falling. It was extremely deep, wide and dark. It seemed never to end.

My hands were slipping. The rock was sharp and cutting into my fingers. I couldn't pay attention to the pain now though. I saw the blood trickling down my arms. I pushed my legs forward to try to grip the side of the cliff. But when I did that I felt my grip loosen tremendously. But my feet were on a smaller ledge.

I tried climbing. I was struggling. I felt sweat and blood from my hands dripping down my face. I came to close to death the last time and made it. I wasn't going to let it stop me now! The intensity was too much. I ferociously began to grip the ledges as I came to them while I was climbing.

Before I knew it I was at the top and on the path again. I got down on my hands and knees and began kissing the ground. I turned over and sat down the check out my wounds and catch my breath. I looked across the canyon. There was a continuation of the path on the other side. The gap between the other side and I was probably a football field wide. Stuck to the continuation of large round stones is what looked like a note.

I just shouted out " How am I supposed to get that?" then I turned around to walk back and there it was, the note was sitting on top of a round rock next to me.

I opened it, then without reading it I looked back and the little thing that looked like a note was gone.

I read the note and it said " I am watching you right now, don't move."

So naturally I didn't listen and I took off running in the direction I came in. I was scared beyond words. I couldn't see whatever it was that was looking at me. I was running as fast as my tired legs could carry me. Things stated looking familiar again. I was almost to where I started. I was looking around tossing my head from side to side. I was excited because I was almost out of there. I looked forward. But instantly at what I was in front of me melted the grin right off my face.

There was a huge wall, looked like it was made of huge cement blocks. I looked up to see how high it was to see if I could jump or climb over it. It was about 150 stories. I looked to my left and right and the wall went on forever. I stopped running and picked up one of the smaller stones along the path. It was about the size of a basketball. I took it and banged it against one of the huge blocks trying to pop it loose so I could crawl through. But as soon as they touched each other the rock in my hand crumbled. I tried with several others; they all did the same. Its like they were made of a substance stronger that steal.

I wiped my dirty and bloody hands across my forehead wiping away the sweat while I was thinking how I was going to get out. I decided to run along side the wall to see where it lead or if it had and ending. I retied my shoe and looked at all the rock remains from the busted ones. I began running along side the wall on that strange ground. Right then I began thinking " I wonder if there are anymore of those quicksand things anywhere?" I started running faster.

Suddenly I was back where I started. I knew I was because I saw the broken rocks under me feet.

I felt trapped. I knew I was never going to get out. It was hopeless. I was giving up on ever getting out. I sat down and began to cry. I would never see anyone I knew or loved again. I was alone, it was the worst feeling I have ever had.

Tears were coming down like torrents. I put my hands over my eyes and cried my heart out.

I opened them and was about to yell again at whatever it was doing this to me.

I was stunned to silence. Everything was back to normal! No strange ground, no path! Just the normal woods I had left a while back. I had fallen asleep!

The relief I felt was tremendous. I got up and was about to walk away, but I looked over to my left. There was a note on the outside labeled

To: Eden

From: A. Friend