Chosen One

Charecter Profiles

Strife Rikori: Much like Drake he is a watcher he is also a slayer a very special slayer taught by Drake in the anchient ways he is a powerful allie. Though he looks younger then what he is he looks about 17 or 18 but is really 1000. Also like Drake he was a vampire but now has ganed human soul.
Strife has no human background what so ever. He dreses in a black shirt black cargo pants and a black trench coat with black sun glasses. He has no memory of his child hood. Unlike Drake he was a pure blood vampire till he gained a human soul. Strife is 6 foot 2 and short blond hair with blue eyes. His wapons are two sub machine guns and his Sword the ''Holy Blade'' He wears the Sacred Blade on the right side like Drake. The color of the hillet is wihte with a gold ball on top "The pearl Of Destiny." The blade it self is silver with gold down the middle. It was passed down by the Anchint Ones (The Anchint Vampier's). The skaberd (case) is black with an erie wihte glow. Strifes powers are; Shape shift, He can turn himself into mist, walk though walls, Seduce people by touch or by words, Super strength and super speed, and Tellipathic. On the hillet of his sword has an inscription:

The Posser Of The Sacred Blade Must
Be Of Rightous Heart
Than And Only Than Will He Lead
The World To Peace.
Thy Name Shall Be: STRIFE RIKORI

Hope: Is about 18 she is 5 foot 8 shoulder lenght blond hair that is usely tied back. She has brown eyes she has a white tank top and a white no sleaved trenchcoat with white cargo pants. She is a holy prists she has a squigily bladed sword on the left side of her back. her powers are; healing,holly energy,protection spells and she can heal faster then a normel human. She meet Strife one day while walking through the forest since then she has fallowed him were ever he goes her afection for him is ever growing.

Drake: Little is knowen about him he tells no one about his past or were he came from he lookes about 16 or 17 he saves Maries life and she befrinends him very quikly but whan she bages him to tell her his past she fears him more then the Demons she fights,He was once a Vampire and he still has ramanets of it that he will never get rid of.He has the power of a 4000 year old Vampire but he has redemibed himself so he is good, He does not need to drink blood anymore,sunlight does not hert him,nore do crosses,Silver,holy water,garlik,anything holy does not hert him anymore.Not much is afictive on him for a human to kill him they would have to cut his head off with a sword or an axe or some kind of blad,a Demon can also hert him but besides that not much else is effective at all he regenorates to fast for example if someone were to cut his arm off he would grow it back within the next 5 minutes.He wears a Keikogi and a Hakama he were's his sword on his back (right side) it has a blue hillet and a blue and gold skaberd (case) his sword was made for him and him alone it is made of an achiant vampire metal that makes it unbrakable it is also a holy sword passed down every 2000 years to a new person, when it cuts through someone it cuts rignt throgh the soul, the sword it's self has a soul it is called BLANK. He also uses kanui witch are small razer sharpe blades witch are 3 to 4 cm long and were used by samurai you can throw up to a dozen at a time.his powers are;super strength,super speed,flight,can turn to mist,can walk throw walls,can see in the dark,reform energy,when he is about to die all his states go up 10 times,when he gets mad or he see's someone get's hert (especially a woman) he has a bazerker tandase,he can use water and fire elemants,is teleapathic,he can still razes the dead but does not like too,he has anamul control,he can saduse someone with just a word or a look,he can clime walls like a spider,can use energy blades (when he uses them energy rapes around his arm and comes out at the endof his hand as a blade ''like off soul reaver'' ) he does no need any sleep or nerishment but he does sleep in a way he closes his eyes and look asleep but is awere of everything around him as if he were awake it only helps him regnorate faster in exsteme sercomstanis. He can also use his mind to lift or throw things. Drake has many names like; Slayer,Anchint one,Watcher,chosen one, but his ture names is Drake. He is mostly known as a watcher they are a group of poeple and monsters that were once evil and have become good. Drake is 6 foot 2 and his hair is blond and spiky with a black peace in the very front.

Dick: Is un known to the human race except for his family, which have all been killed by the demons. He is the only one that has survived the assalt, because of his traning in the army he is a great enemy. He is 27 years old in human years but in vampire years he is between 500 and 750, no one knows how old he is because he tecnicly dosn't exist. He wears a Black mucsel shirt and black cargo pants. He wears his swoard on the right side and a pistol under his left arm. He has quite a musculer body, 6 foot 7. He has super strength and super speed, and has telepathic powers. He isn't a very strong vampier, but will be very hard to defeat since he has a very strong army of were wolves and vampiers.

Victor: Is Dicks loyal bodyguard he is strnger than Dick in all aspects but will not try to over power Dick since he has a very storng army.

Part 1

The Begging

We have chosen you and you alone to carry out our will. you will be the leader of two others. With the others help you will be a vampire Slayer. Even
though you are a vampire in origin you are a very special vampire. We have
searched you out and ask of your help, if you do not help the world as you
and I once knew will be lost forever to the Darkness of evil. Will you help
us or not?

"I will do this under one condition that is to pick my own members,
those of whom I can trust!"

Very well, thank you may chose your allies but be warend chose wisely though you
are the chosen one you will loose the battle against all evil if you dont make a good desion. you have to have this knowelge to defeat the King of Darkness

Someone who kowns the all ways of the Vampier
And someone of the human race.

And if you want anyone else in your team it is up to you Strife. State the
names of the members please.

"Drake........and Hope........"
Is that all Strife?

All right than tommorow morning you leave for Toronto there you will find Drake and Hope the rest is up to you. but befor you go we have a gift for you it is a very special sword it has sharp silver edges good to sever any head right off, and has also been dipped in Holy Water which will kill a vampier by the touch of the blade. Take it with honor for it will help and protect you...

The Nightmare Begins

"Hey Strife are you home? It's me Dick"
"Huh just a second, you really have guts desturbing me you know I work all night, remeamber."

"I-I know, I'm really sorry. It's just that I have a weird package for you. It's in this really nice wood box it even has your name engraved in the wood."
"I'll be right there." With that Strife unlocks and opens the door. "This must be The Holy Bl...Ahh I meane the package I orderd. Thanks Dick, Thanks a lot."
"Hey man that's what I am here for, right. After all I am a mail man."
"Right right, well you should get home and go to bed."
"Hey what about you Strife don't you ever sleep?"
"A-A no, I'm different than you I work at night and sleep in the daytime remember Dick." With that Strife takes a look inside the box.
"What's in it Strife ?" Dick askes. "It looks like you just saw a ghost."
"Huh,What, Oh yeah it's nothing you should get home. Oh don't let the Dogs bite."
"Hey that wasn't funny, just because I'm a mail man doesn't mean the dogs are after me..."
"Yeah Yeah whatever Dick, I guess I'll see you later." With that Strife shut's and locks the door. Trying to ignore Dicks nonsense, Strife put's the somewhat heavy box on the table. Trying not to listen to Dick's stupid remarks he slowly opens the box. He reaches in and pulls out a sword, trying to catch his breath he slides the box away and lies the sword on the table.

"Hey Strife are you listening to me, Fine then be that way you stupid numbskull. I'll remember this, I brought that heavy box and what thanks do I get NOTHING!" Dick says while starting to walk down the hall. He shoves his left hand in his coat pocket and pulls out a bottle of cheap whiskey in a brown paper bag. "Huh W-Who's there, is that you Strife? This isn't funny if you need to apologise you can just come out and apologise..."

"Who said anything of apologising."
Startled by this strange new voice Dick dropped the Whiskey bottle and starts to run back to Strife's apartment. The stanger put's a strong hand on Dicks shoulder's and holds him at arms lenghth.
"Hold it there, where do you think your going, I have a few question's I want ask you since I can't seem to find anyone else around here."
The stranger tells Dick. He spins Dick around like a spin top and once again holds him at arms length.

"W-Who are you and what do want from me?" Dick asked trying not to sound to scared. Than he notices that the stranger has three others with him and they are well armed. Now he knows that this is not going to be a friendly visit.
"Oh sorry about that I got to carried away that I forgot to properly introduce myself my name is Victor. Me and my group are on a business trip we have to see Mr.Rikori it is urgent." Victor explains to Dick.
"I see you are with the FBI aren't you. You need some answers on a case that you're working on, right."
"No,not exactly could you just tell us what the room number is or not?" Victor He askes in a harsh tone trying his best not to get frustrated.
"Ok Ok I'll tell you what room he lives in only if you give me some sort of re-ward."
Oh we have a re-ward for you alright I'm pretty sure you'll like it. Alexia why don't you take him home with you and have him spend the night?"
"All right sir I'll show him a good time!" She says in a excited tone of voice.
"Oh yeah I got myself a date out of this, Oh yeah I almost forgot it's the 7th door on the left you got that Victor." Dick says, trying not to sound to excited. "All right let's go Alexia."

Strife sits down and starts to examine the sword, he notices that there is a inscription on the hilt of the sword and reads it aloud to himself:

The Posser Of The Sacred Blade Must
Be Of Rightous Heart
Than And Only Than Will He Lead
The World To Peace.
Thy Name Shall Be: STRIFE

He finishes reading the inscription and lays the sword back on the table. Than he notices some strange voices in the hall. He quietly goes over to the door and opens the door a crack.

"Thank you Dick you've been a lot of help."
"You're welcome, any time."
"Oh yeah and Dick when you wake up you will look different in many ways." Victor put's his hand in front of Dick's face and put's him in to a deep trance.
"What happens if you don't get him Victor?" Alexia askes sounding a little bit worried.
"I will my dear, I promise I will get him for you I guarantee it!" Victor says giving her a hug while trying to get her to stop crying.

The Escape

Strife puts on his black trenchcoat, straps his sword to his back, straps both custom made hollster with sub-machine guns on his thy's.

"Alexia I'll see you at the resident's. Don't worry I'll get him for you just have fun with this human, just don't kill him because we need him." Victor explains to Alexia.
"Yes, Victor I will do as you say." She says allmost in tears .

"Oh no, they have Dick." Strife says to himself as he runs over to the door,and swings it open, and steps out into the hall.
"Huh Oh you must be the great Strife if your looking for Dick your to late he just left with Alexia." Victor says spining around to face Strife.
"How could I be to late she's just leaving out the front door, I can still catch her." He says running into his apartment slaming the door behined him. He grabs his keys to his moto-cycle.

"You can't escape me STRIFE, I'll get you yet you little coward." Victor yelles kicking in the door to Strife's apartment.
"Yeah we'll see about that!" He say's jumping out the window, when Strife hit's the ground he looks back up to the 5th floor to see Victor leaning out the window, yelling at him.

Strife runs over to his all black Harly Davidson and turns the ignition key.
Victor runs out into the hallway and reaches into his coat pocket and pull's out a cell phone. He dials Alexia's number.
"Come one Alexia pick up the phone!" He yelles into the phone but doesn't get an answer.
"Oh come on pick up!"
"Hello, is that you Victor?"
"Yes, look you have company coming!"
"Yeah I know I just saw Strife in the parking lot, I don't think he saw me. But I'm not sure, he didn't seem to be looking at me."
"Just be careful, I'll try to......
"Hello, Victor are you there? Crap his phone must of went dead." She say's just as Dick comes to and sits up in the back seat. She shut's off the phone
and set's it between the seat's.
"Hey how are you? You had a long sleep, we'll be at my house in a few hours but could you please put your seat belt on." She slams her foot on the gas and heads towards the 107 hiway that leads to Toronto. Strife kicks up the kick stand and twist's the throtle. He pulls out of the parking lot and tries to catch up to the black Dodge Viper to get the license plate number. He gets close enough to get the plate number "666".

To Be Continued...