Bertha looked good, real good, Bay-Watch good. Standing there, with her loud bickering, booming Voice. Or at least that's what she was thinking while gazing out the window at kids on her yard. She smiles for that moment that the camera goes off then the kindness that she depicts sheds away like the hair on a hairless sphinx. The hate secretly hidden beneath those eyes. But for now she smiles, smiles for the camera so bertha can say "Look I can smile" to her friends. Her huge glasses throwing the burning sunlight into your eyes. Her fake hair drifting to one side, and her dentures...just about to fall out. On the street you could see her coming from far off. Her huge red mu-mu blocking out the sun, small children will run, oh how they will run from the impending doom that is Bertha. They hide in terror from the sound, the sound that has brought large burly men to their knees. The sound of berthas slippers chanting like sand paper hitting wood as she walks to market. That is bertha, in all her glory.

~Mr. Pink, my brother wrote this for some horrible reason. Yay!~Silver Neko