First time I saw you,
You were no one.
You, however, greeted me,
Giving me a memory.

Somehow I found out who you are,
Your sweet smile, your voice,
Your name, your eyes,
Everything about you I memorized.

One year later, we met again,
This time both greeting.
From then on, I fell in love with you,
But only as a friend, for sure I knew.

Others talked, whispered,
Saying I liked you as a lover.
Your enthusiasm you lost,
My love for you was the cost.

Days after I went into your class,
Looking for you a habit not lost.
A surprise was sprung on me,
You were waving enthusiastically from your seat.

That melted my cold facade,
Thus I fell in love all over again.
My love for you was renewed,
Love for a friend, only you!