A North-Eastern Fog-Dream

It was cold, but beneath it
The humid feel, and that
Cardinal somewhere blurred
By the fog rolling back
The dripping remnants of last night's rain
And a forecast fitting March
The feel of something far Beyond
And the hour--not quite Dark

If not for the cold it would
Have been just the same
As Floridian mornings and
The space between rain
The ibises probing thru'
Misting swamp-fields
The fog takes the cold, but
Yet--to make it unreal

A winging of red and tho'
I have never been
The mist and the birdsong
Are enough to Begin
Charleston breathing and
Fetid with heat
That on currents of un-rain
May run there, beneath

Carolinian uplands
Seen thru' a Cloud
The backwater humidity
Rolling in, 'round...
Tho' a blanket of Winter
Still blossoming, yet,
Floridian hinterlands
Teeming and wet

The relevance tho'
Of a Southern revision
In the North-Eastern rain
Above that Division
The portrait of Carolinian
Like the fog-bank outside
In the center running humid

Boycotts and history
Away, then, right now
A certain truth, sudden
On my Yard, seeming South
Fresh verdant green
And a blurring of lines
Thru' cold banks of vapor-
Rain, warm now, I find