I have never been to London,
So why am I feeling as if
There will be some sort of answer
Hanging with the sewer-mist over
A forgotten street, somewhere in a face,
A city that is almost like a book,
Some face to read…
In London, perhaps, there
Will all-of-a-sudden be
An answer…
All men and women who have
Ever wept for meaning could have
Simply looked in London,
And there it would be!
Or every journey could have
Found resolution in some
Seedy bar docked by the Thames-
Arthur need not have left England,
The Grail could have been
Waiting in the antiquated
Halls of Parliament…
I have never been to London--
Why would anything of use to
Me be found on the steps of Saint Paul's,
Wandering in Mayfair,
But London, perhaps…
That is why so many searches and Meanings
End in failure
Maybe there is some Truth,
And No One ever thought to look
In London