The feeling of betrayal is felt once again
It lingers in my heart deep within
I know you can see the sadness in my face
and I know you can feel the rushing in this race
And Even though you relize all these things
I wonder if you know what pain it brings
My questions are plently and Answers only a few
Sometime i think you dont know, but You do
Take the devils hand and hold it tight
When Im not there you wont know what is right
So Just Run away, Far from me
I dont want to see you, So Let me be
You are too stubborn, using, and so full of shit
You lie, act werid and you're completely a bitch
How could I trust you, Give you my life
How could You hurt me.. Give me that knife.
Im so confused, Theres a pain in my heart
The world is so cruel, and now your a part
You became my worst enemy, Its you I now hate
How could you do this, I guess its just fate
Stop and Listen, Look at the world around
Look at the people That you have made frown
Do you see what I've seen for so very long
What you wanted dead was killed and now gone
Do you know what really matters? And Would You even care?
Take a minute to look at you, Look at the blood, scared?
Now you've done it, it hurts too much
I feel like screaming, I hate you Fuck!
This pain is not mental, But You may think it is
My Heart hurts,But why would you give a shit
I cant believe I fell right in your trap
My BestFriend,Of Course now Theres That Gap
A Place where my heart will always be empty
Tears run down my face, Thats where you kept me
Why could you do this, Ive been hurt way too much
Im scared of the world now, Thanks to your touch.