Child Abuse

Each day the fear grows stronger,

Of the pain striking my skin,

Of starvation and beating by the hour,

My blood caused by your sin.

You lock me tight in a closet,

Where the dark dominates the light,

Suffocation and heat rise above me,

Caused only by my fright.

If I step out of line, you whip me.

If I say the wrong words, you starve me.

If I make a bad grade, you slap me.

If I disobey, you scar me.

You leave your marks in colors,

Of purple, black, and blue,

And with a knife you like to carve,

The initials owned by you.

And when my friends ask, "What happened to your back?"

I have to say, "I fell,"

Because if I told them what really happened,

You'd make my life a living hell.

I look into a mirror,

And my reflection I can see,

A distressed looking child,

Staring back at me.

I wish my parents loved me,

The way all parents should,

But my parents loved to hurt me,

And beat me in any way they could.

I wished my parents loved me,

The way any parent would,

But my parents want to hurt me,

I am nothing, so I guess they should.

By: Jackie Hammerton