Aden's Little Collection of Unfinished/Stupid Stories She Wants to Publish Anyway Just for the Fun of It

Part Eight

Yo, Valentine!: The story of my life

(Er, just purely insane, but I'll call it stupid. Yes, of course, another prompt. A substitute teacher actually read this out loud, don't ask why.)

Prompt: "A Valentine's Journey" Imagine that you are a Valentine. Tell us what you look like. Are you an old-fashioned heart covered with flowers and lace?  Or are you a slick rectangle with a superhero's picture? Be sure to tell what your message is. Pretend you are being dropped into the mail. Describe your journey. (Yes, master . . . I will obey you, master . . . I am eternally your servant . . .Ooo! It's alive! IT'S ALIVE! ::smacks herself and gets on with the story:: )

                Hey, yo yo yo! I'm a VALENTINE! I'm pink and crud! I have a Britney Spears on me, she's singing that one song about her love or her diary or her slavery, I'm not sure which. I have lots of glitter on me, too. That really cheap stuff, you know, that falls off before it's even delivered? Yeah, of course, dude. Anywho, Britney says something in pink letters about "Waiting for Your Valentine", which, duh, she isn't, considering that picture was taken five years ago before she even went out with Justin.

                Yo! Check it out! Someone is opening the little spit-glue flap. Nasty, they've got mustard on their fingers.

                "Aw, cool, Britney Spears! It ROCKS! She's soooo cool!" This kid has to be about five, or she would notice this is obviously a VERY cheap piece of paper, the kind that gel pens wipe off of. She doesn't care, though. She's too busy  shrieking, "Amanda! Read mine! It's Barbie! She's the one where you can make her hair glow in the dark and change her pajamas !" . . .