I *really* need to footnote my poetry, but since I'm not too proficient at that kind of stuff, I'll just list my sources of inspiration. (Even though not all of them really need to be footnoted, so what?) Mmkay - Chaos Theory, Greek mythology, Otto von Bismarck (and that thing called realpolitik), depression, psychology (where would I be without my muse? - Just kidding, I don't have a designated muse), "the Moths," by W.S. Merwin (see my bio for the complete thing), Lord of the Flies, and Social Darwinism. Congratulations for those of you with such tenure as to have gotten through all that. Anyway, I'll stop the rambling and get on with the poem. Oh yeah - review, please!

Paradoxum Nostri Temporis

We suckle Mother Nature's breast,
milking the enterprises
of the bourgeoisie.

Science rules this kingdom,
where everything has an equation
and probability reigns.

Poetry dribbles from our mighty pens
like nectar down the chins
of those distant gods.

We've conquered the follies of our past
and set the foundations
for the glorious future,

And yet we cannot fly.

Our hard-wrought wings
of blood and iron
are clipped by the noonday demon,

Everlasting in that delicate
Freudian Id,
Jungian shadow self.

The despair of many,
impaled in the minds of a few,
sending Humanity to her early grave

On this earth of ours,
where the strong survive
and the weak cease to exist...

And yet we will all die.

Hmm...I dunno if the title fits, but it was the best one I could find. Thanks to a.j. peart for the title translation - it means "Paradox of our Times" in Latin. Please review! ^_^