The Monster

Billy lay quivering under the sheets. He knew, he just knew, that if he
peeked out from the pile of blankets on top of him then the Monster would
get him.
He had started hearing the noises last week. Every night they would get
a little louder and tonight he had realized what the noise was. The footsteps
of the Monster.
His parents hadn't believed him when he told them. They had laughed
at him and told him he was too old to be making up stories.
"They'll be sorry" he thought to himself. "Tomorrow they'll find my
dead body. Maybe there won't even be a body. Maybe the Monster will
eat me alive." He shivered. He could hear the footsteps. They were getting
louder, closer. He could almost feel it's foul breath on his face.
His mind was in a tumult. He clutched desperately to the first idea that
came to the surface. "Maybe" he thought "If I can scare it enough, it will
go away and leave me alone. And besides, I prefer to go down fighting."
He issued a blood-curdling scream, jumped up and turned on the light.
Oh, there it was! It was by far worse than his deepest, darkest, most
awful fears. It had two hideously blue eyes, right in the middle of it's face.
It had peach colored skin! It had brown fur on top of it's head! It was
wearing blue and red stripped pajamas! It was the most terrifying thing he
had ever seen in his life. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" He screamed. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" The Monster screamed. It turned around and
ran down the stairs screaming " Mommy! Mommy! MMMMMOOOOMMMMYYY!"
Billy stared disbelieving at where he had seen the Monster.
What on earth was he scared of? Billy was one of the best looking kids
in school. Neon orange fur, dark purple face, six eyes, antenna.
What was scary about him?
With a sigh Billy rolled over in bed and feel asleep.

The End