© 2002 Devil Doll
(*Erm... I don't know.*)

I have this obsession
This addiction
It's a surprise it's not caused by depression
By pressure
It's a divine need
A pleasure
It bleeds off power
Off fire

It is not drugs
It is not pain
It is not pleasure
It is not plain...

The obsession,
This addiction...
It is a band
A group
Of nine masked men
In music.

The pleasure,
This need...
It is nine men
A group
Of big-hearted maniacs
In music.

Number 5 is silent as he can be,
Giving off samples
And jams
That may seem easy.

Number 4 is a joker as tall as a cloud,
Giving off strings
Of metal
That are loud.

Number 3 is a dickface, strange as it may seem,
He bangs
And tears up

Number 1 is as fast as a junkie on speed,
His feet move
With grace
Faster than you'd take.

Number 2 is as sweet as they come,
With a fetish, strange to some
He pulls off low, hard beats with a bass
And has talent no one can face.

Number 6 is insane, yet a hard-drug man,
He's a Clown, hilarious
Yet very brutal
He beats himself, his friends, and his equipment up.

Number 0 is a man of many faces
Each face contains a personality, who he really his now lost
He's crazy and jumps off of everything
The DJ guy, the Fifth Epitome of life.

Number 7 is as intimidating as can be,
Yet he's the sweetest that anyone has seen
He's large and very brutal with a guitar
He can make V.a.i. even sound like a beginner.

Then Number 8, the frontman of it all,
He's heavy, he's eyecatching, he's full of life and care
His voice is rough, and he'll take you anywhere
This man stands up infront of everything, and takes the pain for everyone...

I've got this obsession
This addiction
For once it is not caused by depression
By pressure
A divine need all in itself
A pleasure of life
This obsession bleeds of power
Of fire

Not drugs
Not pain
Not pleasure
Not plain...

This obsession,
The addiction...
A band
It is a group
Nine masked men
Into music.

This pleasure,
The need...
The nine men
The group
The big-hearted maniacs
In the heart of brutal music.