Stardust Memories

A shooting star flew across the night sky, artificially lighting Sabrina's eyes as she stared up at the endless stratosphere. Her wavy brown hair blew back in the cool wind, and Sabrina shivered as the chill swept over her body. The bright flash of light that zipped through space seemed to linger in the air for a moment...then left just as quickly as it had come. Sabrina sighed sadly, tears surging up to sting her now-icy blue eyes. It had been just like that.
It was gone just as quickly as it had come. Everything Sabrina had ever known and loved simply vanished in the blink of an eye, just like the cosmic arrow she saw shoot through the crisp air. Her home was gone. Though she had a house here in this new place, Sabrina felt that she didn't belong. Everything she called home—the warm sun and the hot summer nights, the unremarkable suburban town in southern America that few had ever heard of—despite its seeming insignificance, had been the costume in which her life had been dressed, the light that surrounded Sabrina's little meteorite.
And still more importantly, her friends...the very substance of her being. They were like the base of a comet, solid as rock. To think that she had only met them a year was almost absurd. Each of them held a special place in her heart, and Sabrina felt as though she had known them all her life.
Technically, Sabrina thought, she had known them all her life. She had barely been human before she met them—with hardly a friend to her name and so little emotion in her heart. Sabrina had an analytical mind and it took up all of her time, leaving little or none for any type of feeling whatsoever; she was like a machine, cold and lifeless. But when she finally found her place in the sun, among that wonderful circle of was as though she had been reborn! It all just clicked so well—she met Kala, then Rae, completely separately; only later did she find out that they had been best friends. Then there was Ami, one of Sabrina's few old friends, whom she had met in fourth grade, and Ami introduced her to Trisha, then she found out that Ami knew Kala...Sabrina couldn't even remember. It had all been a blur! Yet still she could feel in her heart—what a wonderful thing to have such emotions!—the joy of every little moment, despite that so much had happened, and so many people were involved. It had been little more than eight months, perhaps, that she had known them all for, but Sabrina couldn't help but feel as though they had been circling the universe together for thousands of years. Nothing could ever replace them and no one could ever do anything for her as great as they had, Sabrina felt sure of that as she reeled through the memories in her mind. She winced, though, remembering that perhaps there was someone who could've knocked her off her humble orbit just a little more.
Micah. Micah Von Keaton...what a royal name, Sabrina thought. Oh, but it didn't suit him. He was just a boy like any other—he loved to ride bikes, make jokes, be the center of attention, always looking for some new way to strut his stuff—but somehow he was different. Special. It wasn't his skin, dark and tanned year-round like no one she had ever seen. It wasn't his eyes, expressive in their soft, gentle brown, and always sparkling like starlight in the blackest of nights. No, Sabrina thought, there was something more, much more to him than could ever meet the eye. There was something raw and tangible about everything he did. He didn't exactly wear his heart on his sleeve, though; after all, he often told lies—just little white lies to impress other people and boost his own ego. But it was just...
So confusing! Sabrina screamed within her mind, unable to figure out why she felt this way. She didn't know why or how, but Micah had been the fire on her tail, the flame that drenched her star in vibrant colors, deep shades she never knew existed. So innocent and so guilty all at once, she could never figure him out, and yet he seemed to know every twist and turn of her soul, as instinctively as he would know an old bike trail in his back yard. He knew just how to pull her strings, either to make her angry, wring out her spirit and leave it to dry, or make her want to jump for joy. And even more, he knew in just a few months' time exactly how to make her love him more than anything.
By the time Sabrina even realized what was happening, with just the flash of a smile Micah could send her heart through outer space to places it had never even dreamed of. When she talked with him, she felt nervous and on edge, as though her very life hung in the balance of what he said. With each light, playful kick she felt at her shin, a rush of adrenaline coursed through her veins and a burst of dazzling color filled her monochrome world. She felt as though she were speeding across a set of smooth railroad tracks, tied to the bottom of a runaway train—but without the fear. Despite her failing nerves and fluttering stomach, Sabrina would've felt more than safe with Micah even if they had been shooting across the cosmos toward the moon a hundred thousand light years away*. The feeling was so alien to her, but somehow in his eyes she saw a caring person convinced that he could conquer the world if he wanted to. How contradictory it all was! But it was the only way to describe it with any measurable hint of accuracy. Yes, Sabrina had to admit, he was truly the most brilliant star she could ever have imagined.
Sabrina sighed, the sound of her voice carried off by the howling wind. was how she spent her days, it was how she spent her nights. When would the pain end? Sabrina wanted to know more than almost anything. She missed her home, missed her friends, missed one in this cruel reality could heal the pain. Nothing in this place could constitute home. Nobody in this small northern town could be as special to her as her friends, nor could they change her life the same way. And more certainly than anything, no one here, or perhaps anywhere, could make her laugh, make her cry, or reach into her heart and soul the way Micah could.
Thinking of this, Sabrina's life felt like a black hole, sucking up and swallowing all its surroundings down to the very light, leaving nothing but blackness in their wake. Her eyes were quite the same way—empty; they were still blue, but now with a grey cast, icy and yearning to pierce the darkest reaches of any soul who dared challenge her. The pain of her experience had engulfed Sabrina, and she realized all at once that she had become everything she had feared; disabled by a past full of hurt and happiness lost, she was now as cold and lifeless as the machine that she had once been. Tears scathed her eyes and she glared angrily up at the crystalline zodiac far above the Earth, as if it were the fault of the stars that she was trapped in a vortex of injury and torment.
As if on cue, a black cloud that had obscured the moon moved swiftly away, and the heavenly satellite, glowing a full white circle, shone brightly like the triumphant grin of someone Sabrina once knew...and she smiled a wistful smile, knowing that—even when everything else changed—they would always share the same sky.

* The moon isn't actually a hundred thousand light years away (in fact, a single light year goes beyond Pluto), but I had to keep it just for effect. ^_^;

Author's Notes: Okay, I kind of stole the subtitle of Gundam 0083 for the title, but hey, I'm crediting it. =)
But about the story and such...actually I deal with these characters often; this is one of the main plots I write short stories about. For those who have read about Tori (see "Nothing Glance," "Skirting the Mind")--Tori is a lot like me. However, Sabrina is more or less exactly like me. Her experiences are mine, often times, and her thoughts are also mine. The names have been changed, but otherwise a lot of this is true. Just so you know.
This particular thing just came to me one night (well at the time of posting it was last night, or rather, the very early morning of March 30th) and I tried to keep a theme. It was late, though, and my analogous mind was falling asleep a bit, so if it seems a little off at times, that's why. ^_^;
Thanks for reading, everybody, I hope you enjoyed it! ~Mistress Jakira