Black as night

Black is the colour of your hair,
Long is your stare,
A cold day is the best time,
Calling you because you are mine,
Killing is no worthwhile way to use your time.

A free bird flies through the clear sky,
Singing a beautiful song.

Nothing stands in your way,
In the depths of time,
Going to the place,
Home from home,
Tomorrow will be better.

Things can only get better... or worse.
One day there will be no trouble.

You're mad to do what you do,
One day I may be able to keep you from pain,
Unfolding every day into me.


This was written in about 2 minutes in the middle of the night so it's kinda strange. It isn't really about anything it just came to me when I was halfway between sleep and wakefulness. I think that it is rather too short as it is but I think that if I added more it would spoil the effect.