Swans, London, Munich, and Other Truth-Hunting Musings

Whether in London or Munich
Swans wand'ring the streets
The difference in Europe
And my own type of Dreams
Or Ireland, yet, where Yeats
Observed such of life
Some point in the Middle
Even that may be right

And a song: Amarillo
Which is as far away
That starry-eyed tone
We cannot help but take
When discussing the openings
Somewhere, here, for truth
As if, not yet sought for
Well,--still all of us do

And the songs that may echo
Cities and Time
The influences waiting
In the wings for their Rise
The swans, there in Denver,
Perhaps--Santa Fe
And the thousands of others
Found along the way

The Europe of nighttime
That is: darkened for dreams
How we all rise up like Starlings
When we fall asleep
Oh, but not in the Spaces
Not without any touch
For truth--as in our truth
Is formed there, built up

But some basic difference
More deep than accents
Still skimming the surface
But not to resent
The truth in our cities
The only ones, still
Because if chances are given
We take them at will

Well the swans on those rivers
Crossing salt-marsh lakes
The reflection of knowledge
Along with it, gained
The pureness of beauty
Yet gleaned cities and truth
From the decadence in culture
And what's bred now, brand new

The symbols in naming
The swans standing forth
On the cobblestone roadways
And by way of a ford
The Western or Eastern
Styles of speaking
How each one may lend
To what we are seeking

So Amarillo or Dresden
The recurring theme
Whether ocean or river
Running between
Well, the truth of the matter
In swans or in words
Comes to sizes of Cities
And the space of the world