You know there's something wrong with your imagination when you are able to be inspired by frickin pigeons at the BART station...yeesh. Anyway, please enjoy and review...I tried something a little different this time, so be lenient on my poor fragile soul! (Ha ha...yeah right.) ~EG

Pigeon Suite

The sun pierced your eyelids,
and you raised your head
to see two just like you,
perched on the electric rail -
unaware of impending pathos.

One, majestic with conviction,
(prince of rationality)
the other raw with naivety,
(dripping innocence)
both as foreign as truth.

And you jumped on their bandwagon,
trembing with felicity
and long-awaited anticipation
for the dawn of companionship
and the dusk of lonliness.

Then - oh, cruel irony! -
they turned blind eyes to you,
void of life,
but full of confusion,
then disdain,
then contempt -
their quivering facades
betraying all you had tried to escape,
and they left to join Icarus.

Carpe diem,
said the demon in your mind,
that trivial mass
of sulci and fissures,
the size of a shiny new quarter.

And you followed them
on those clumsy wings
of self-constructed desperation,
gleaming with the
commiseration of others.

You were overcome
by the searing whiteness
of the forbidden sun,
but you still rejoiced,
you were there (though flawed),
you were alive (but scarred).

The princely one
could not believe his eyes
and fell from his apotheosis.

The other was frozen
by the fire of your siren wail
and you knew it.

Wanting to break her
and thirsting to own her timid soul -
you advanced...

But the trance was broken,
the damage done,
and she fled to her wasteland,
barren in the hellhole
that she created
in her tired mind.

Now only you are left
in the powerful grasp
of the sacred fist of justice,

Surveying the land of the giants,

Observing your personal anathema,

And glancing outside the circle of self-pity.

You struggle to fly,
rise upward to look
for the alchemist named God,

But Satan has bitten off your wings,

And with all the strength you can muster,

You proclaim your innocence,

Until your screams reach
the farthest reaches of heaven,
tickling the ears of angels.

All is quiet,
and the parasites
have left.

Your broken body,
carnal in its glory,

The stars
have extinguished
the offending sun,

And you lie,
in the night.

Wow. That was fun...I didn't mean for it to come out so...morbid, but that's me for you. *_* Anyway, please review - I'd really appreciate it!