I am Rainii, lone Unicorn,

solitary being to flow from the ocean foam

and rise upon the cool green grass of land.

I reside in the moon

and fly through shadowed silver canyons and

cascades of pure white truth

plunging into blue shadowed darkness.

I arose upon the soft meadowed hill

In the first spring

of the first day of the earth.

Under a purple sky of stars.

I first opened amaranthine eyes

to look upon the earliest star of lavendar evening.

I protect and defend the wilderness

from which I came.

I once pranced upon moonlit clouds

and watched as the sea crawled below me.

I hope to revive the beauty and peace of nature's domain.

When you look for me, look in the meadows of forested mountains,

in the soft imperturbable light of dusk..

Ask a star.

Ask the first blade of spring grass.

Ask the wind to bring you through the moon to a land of