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Footsteps resounded loudly on the steel walls as Cole walked through the corridor towards the Officer's rooms. The last job had just ended and he needed to file his report with the commanders. He'd done this a million times over before on various other jobs; only this time, he carried a small duffel bag in his hand.

"Cole Winters." He said monotonously in the voice scanner at the end of the hall. There was a pause, a small beep, and the red light flashed to green. Steel doors slid open and he walked through.

"Cole!" the tactical officer greeted him with a smile, "Just the person we've been ex." he looked down at the duffel bag that Cole was holding, ".pecting." he finished lamely.

"Report, Sub-commander." said the Commander who did not even look up from his papers or glance at the bag he held.

Cole took a deep breath and answered formally, "I arrived at the battle scene to aid my comrades in the 2nd company too late to save many of them, but I dispatched the rest of the foe easily and followed their leader into a nearby hotel. He was attempting to call for more of his own soldiers so I had not choice but to disable that option." Here, he paused a little before continuing. Then, he continued in the same monotonous tone, "More arrived later, I assume they were his personal bodyguards. I escaped so as not to draw more casualties before more damage was done. In short, my mission ended successfully."

The T.O. nodded, obviously pleased with the results.

"Good job Sub-Commander," the Commander said absently shuffling through his papers. "Your next target will be an easy one. Not so many casualties as the last. Only one casualty if things work out right actually. As strange as it may sound, this target could pose a danger to our company if certain circumstances occur. We need to dispatch of her immediately. It is a girl named Avalon Hiroto, called Launch by her friends."

"Odd surname," the T.O. remarked.

"Yes well she's-"

"With all due respect sir," Cole broke in, "I do not plan to be present to perform any more jobs or missions. The recent Edison mission was my last."

Finally, the Commander looked up. His eyes lifted from his work and traveled slowly up to Cole who stared back at him stolidly. Then, they flickered to his duffel bag. "T.O. could you leave us for a moment?"

The T.O. was annoyed, but he obeyed orders and shut the door quietly behind him.

"You're leaving, Cole?" The Commander rose from his leather armchair and walked over to him. "Are you sure?"


"Why? Why the sudden decision? Don't you want to sleep on it and think about it in the morning?"

"I have already given the matter much thought." He said, "You hired me as a mercenary, nothing more. I am not one of your soldiers that you can command and I choose at this moment to leave your ranks. I decided a week ago that this mission would be my last as I already told you." he hated repeating things twice and made it ver clear in the tone of his voice.

The Commander regarded him with a cautious face; "You're one of the best, Cole."

He didn't answer.

"Very well." He withdrew a couple of bills; "Here is the rest of your payment. You're leaving now I presume?"

Cole took the money, turned around and left.

The tactical officer, upon seeing that Cole had left the room, burst back in. "What was that about?" he asked adding, "Sir." hastily at the end.

The Commander looked out the open door at Cole's retreating figure, sighed, and sat back down in his chair. "Cole has decided to leave our ranks forever, T.O."

He looked dumbstruck, "What?! But, I thought.the lord ordered.and Blake! His friend!" he stuttered.

"Yes well that's not what concerns me," the Commander looked up thoughtfully, "Why did he decide to leave now? Why now? Could he have found out about.?"

The Tactical Officer was rigid. "If he did it was not from my lips, sir. I have never spoken a word to him except in briefing and giving orders."

"Yes well he's too dangerous to keep around now anyway." the Commander said, "He could become an adversary in the future. Because of this, we need to dispatch of him before he leaks out any of our secrets to the public or military government."

"Yes sir. Now sir?"

"Yes, best be rid of him now, quickly before he leaves the city. We need to take him by surprise. Send someone from the 4th company."

"His own.? Yes sir." The Tactical officer saluted and left.

Blake watched him leaving from one of the soldier's quartering rooms upstairs. He carried a small duffel bag in one hand and his weapon in the other. Somehow he knew this would happen. Knew it, as Cole's attitude had become more and more formal around him and the others. Blake had been Cole's best friend from the past, before the Gumi Revolution. They'd grown up together, and therefor, Blake had been a key person in convincing Cole to join their ranks.

Obviously he had not been persuasive enough. He sighed and turned around from the window, saluting to the T.O who entered at that moment. The other soldiers saluted too and Blake had a feeling he knew what was coming. He'd known this too, when he convinced his childhood friend to join them, but he'd secretly hoped it would never have to happen.

"Sub-Commander Winters has retired his post," the T.O. began, and paused there, allowing the soldiers some time to compose their astonished faces.

"Owing to the fact that our military must be kept a secret and his leaving makes us vulnerable to discovery, the Commander has ordered that Winters must be dispatched of. Due to the Commander's great intelligence, we all deem this action necessary for our army. The Commander also orders that soldiers from this company should be allowed the honor of carrying out this action." he glared at them to see if they would defy the Commander's orders.

He suddenly felt ill. They were going to be the ones to kill Cole? Could he? Would he? Suddenly, Blake realized it was a test for them. The Commander knew how well the soldiers of Cole's company, the 4th company, looked up to him and how much they admired his skill and bravery. The Commander ordered the soldiers from this company to see if they remained loyal to the whole army or to one man, the man who had left them. It would give the Commander a chance to weed out the weak ones, the insubordinate ones. And the commander was expecting him, most of all, to fail. Blake was Cole's old childhood friend. It was a test of loyalty.

"Soldiers from Squadron 1 please step forward," the T.O. said.

Blake stepped forward, along with the others in his squad.

"Squadron leader," the T.O. looked directly at him, "You have been given a new assignment. Will you carry it out?"

Blake took a deep breath. "Yes sir."

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