1.8: Definitely



Launch was in pain. The feeling spread from her back to her front to her toes and her every fiber of her body. Pain.the lady dug her nails in even harder.

"Go ahead, Kokashi." the lady said pleasantly. "Finish her off."

Kokashi looked down at her, green hair billowing over his eyes now. He was oblivious to the soldiers who tried to intervene, tried to but couldn't, because Garett and a group of five others kept smashing them into the pavement. Wouldn't let them close. The civilians were being cleared off the street to let the soldiers "deal" with the problem. But then there were no more soldiers, no one to disturb the fight. As if you could call it a fight.

"Finish her off Kokashi." the lady repeated, slightly confused by his silence. He looked down at the girl. Launch.

His blade glinted in the sunlight. Launch narrowed her eyes; trying desperately to block the pain, block it for even as much as two seconds because with it she couldn't move, couldn't think. I can't.it.hurts.she closed her eyes. The lady smirked. Kokashi just looked at her, unmoving.

Without warning Launch twisted, pulling her legs out from under her to trip the lady and brought her arm up at the same time to punch her stomach when she fell. Both moves connected nicely. It had come at a cost, however. She was losing blood. The wounds from the night before had reopened and with them, more pain. More hurt.

Kokashi blinked. He looked down at Launch and then to the side, down the street at someone strolling over. His eyes narrowed slightly.

"What are you doing here Winters?" the lady demanded as she got up. "Leave. You're not a part of this anymore. We're on a job!"

Cole paid no attention and fixed his gaze on Kokashi.

Launch looked up. Cole.for some reason the sight of him gave her a douse of strength. Not that she liked him that way or anything, but that she looked like a weakling in front of him. Like she couldn't survive anything without his help. And she DEFINITELY didn't need it!

She staggered to her feet and gritted her teeth.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cole never took his eyes off of Kokashi. Though his outside appearance was calm and impassive, inside, his thoughts were raging. What was that girl THINKING? Fighting the Shadows last night and then going and getting in trouble with Kokashi and Lady Yula. .!? ..She was crazy. Undeniably crazy.

Well after he saved her crazy butt from death he was definitely going to leave. DEFINITELY.

Kokashi shifted his gaze for a split second onto the Hiroto girl just as she swung her leg around and snapped Lady Yula's head to the side. He smiled.

Not a nice smile.

Cole narrowed his eyes slightly.


Launch swung both her legs around in an arc, each one connecting with the lady's face. The lady staggered back, hand on her cheek. She glared murderously at Launch who turned around, intending to run off while Kokashi was busy.

Click. The lady stepped forward, chuckling a little and holding a pistol in hand. Her finger was twitching, ready to pull the trigger. Launch froze.


Holy Cr- where did THAT come from?!? Cole broke his gaze from Kokashi and ran towards the fight. He didn't even know why he was bothering. This girl definitely had a way of getting herself killed.


She was frozen, staring down the barrel of a pistol.

The lady smiled, "Goodbye." She pulled the trigger.


Kokashi watched from his new view on the rooftops as Cole threw his blade, halting the bullet's pathway through the barrel of the pistol and slicing the gun in half. He slid, using the rest of the momentum from his run to grab Launch and circled, coming to a stop right where his blade had landed. Launch pushed herself out of his arms and began running.

Garett, who until now had been hiding in an alleyway gave an enormous roar and ran after her, furious that she was getting away. Cole paused, looking around for someone. Then, he picked up his blade and ran to catch up with Launch.


Okay so maybe she had to be a little grateful to the guy for saving her in such a graceful manner, Launch thought, as she half-hobbled, half-ran down the street. But really.


Garett landed with a bang in front of her, his fist slammed into the pavement. "HAHA You're NOT getting away this time Avalon Hiroto!" he snarled.

Ugh.did that IDIOT ever GIVE UP???? She kept running anyway and, using the idiot's head for a springboard, jumped off. Cole ran by, ignoring Garett completely and catching up with Launch. When he did, he grabbed hold of her, turned into a side restaurant and they tore out through the kitchens.

"HEY! What the-YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE!" someone yelled at their backs.


"Hey Bozo that was my lunch you idiot!"

"What the-GAH! He's got a sword!!!!!!"


The restaurant was in a state of panic, trampling over Garett when he pushed-or tried to push- his way in. By then, Launch wasn't even there anymore.

They were turning out of the alleyway running down the street in the opposite direction already. Cole ran faster, trying to catch up to the Hiroto girl again. Jeez she could really RUN. Even with her wounds.She twisted her neck around, looking for someone. Garett, he realized. The idiot wasn't following them anymore.

Cole slowed down and stopped in front of her. "We need to get back to your place and bandage you up again." He said.

She bent over, hands on her knees and trying to catch her breath. "Yeah. Obviously. It itches. And hurts. Hurts more though."

He bent over and picked her up.

"Hey! What the-"

"Get on my back." He instructed. "There's no way you can RUN back home before loosing all your blood and blacking out."

"I don't need-"

He glowered.

Launch sighed and climbed onto his back, resting her head on his shoulder. God her back really itched. Stupid lady and her nails.

Cole began to walk slowly. The smaller back streets were less crowded than the main ones, so there was practically no one there to point and stare. She was glad.

Cole twisted his neck around a little to look at her. She was sleeping on his shoulder. Heh. Figures. This girl had fought the Shadows last night, woken up fresh at lunchtime and promptly started a fight with Kokashi. KOKASHI. Then- to make matters worse. Lady Yula had been there too, digging her claws into the girl's back. And afterwards, instead of resting like she should have been, like any normal, reasonable person would after going through all that, she jogs away at a speed to match Superman.

Just great. Her wounds all probably opened up again. More blood loss. Not good.

He never knew he had a sarcastic side.


What the hell?!?!? Cole jumped and glanced around. Garett was running, full speed at them and waving his enormous blade in the air. He was on the warpath.

Launch woke up and glared at the idiot. Holy- "RUN!" she yelled.

He ran.


"Faster! Agh! Just lemme off I can run by my-"

Cole glanced at her.

Not a nice look.


She stopped squirming and stayed as still as possible. "Left! TURN LEFT AT THE FORK AND RUN DOWN THE ROAD!"

"I can understand better if you don't scream. Especially when there's a big blundering IDIOT who happens to be screaming too."

Oops. Eheheh. "Sorry."


They turned the corner into a long street, Garett closing in behind them. Cole turned around frantically. People. All around. Crowded. NOT GOOD. They couldn't fight in the middle of an open road like Kokashi!

"TAXI!" Launch yelled. "GET IN A TAXI!"

They hopped into the nearest one and slammed the door. Launch pulled a few bills from her pocket and threw it at the driver. Cole saw a 100 floating down onto the seat. Where'd she get so much money? "Here just drive!" she ordered.

The taxi driver twisted around and looked back in surprise at her voice. Launch's jaw dropped. "SEAN??"


They stared at each other. Perplexed.

"I didn't know you were a taxi driver!"


Suddenly, Sean spotted Cole in the back. He was rolling down the window and looking outside at the ever gaining Garett and his followers and looking irritated at the noise.

"Is THIS why you hung up on me yesterday?" he asked grinning.

"What?.oh. That. Wait. Huh? NO." she glared at him. "Can you drive this thing?" Launch asked.

"Of course I can! I've been driving since I was.erm.uh."

"Just hot-wire it!" she said.

"I'm trying but there's something wrong.it won't."

"Will it drive?"

"Just DRIVE!"


Sean chanced a glance behind them. "Holy fu-! WHO THE HELL ARE- ?!?!?!"

"GO!" Launch and Cole roared at the same time.

He jammed his foot on the pedal and they practically flew off, the tires screeching down the street.

"You've been driving since HOW long?" Launch said, "SEAN YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LANE!"

"I know that!" he snapped, "Just.hold on I'll."


The taxi flew down the street, weaving in and out through the other cars, occasionally swerving into the wrong lane and then swerving back to the right one. A large eight wheeler screeched past. The taxi raced past it, narrowing missing it. The eight wheeler veered sharply and braked, screeching and coming to an unstable stop in the middle of the street, blocking all lanes. It was balanced on one side and slowly, very slowly, it tipped over.

"That wasn't good."

There was a seven-car pile up behind them now.


"Sean! The right lane, the RIGHT lane!"

"GAH! What was that?!??!"

"I don't know!" Have YOU ever tried driving yet????"

"I KNEW this was your first time!"

"Don't look at ME like that! I'm the one saving your butts from whoever you're running from!"

"Who are YOU running from? You don't just hot-wire taxis every day! You're running too!"

Sean veered sharply to the right even more to avoid another pile up, and ended up driving on the sidewalk. People screeched and jumped out of the way. "I STOLE SOME KID'S LUNCH MONEY AND HE SICED HIS BODYGUARDS ON ME HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE LITTLE DUDE WAS RICH?!?!?"


"I know I KNOW!"

"Quiet." Cole said. They immediately stopped talking. There was a steely edge to his voice that warned them of danger.

Launch looked up and saw the roadblock. The idiot's reinforcement team had created a pile up of cars, blocking their way. Garett was with them and looking very ridiculous with all the hastily tied bandages around his neck and nose.

Not good. Definitely not good. She gulped.

Cole was quiet, surveying the roadblock. Eyeing it like he wanted to jump it.

Launch glanced around. Saw the ramp. Gulped again. She hoped they would make it out of this in ONE piece. But Sean was at the wheel..and you never knew what happened with him. It was a 50/50 chance.

"Ugh." she groaned. "I SO do NOT want to say this.Sean. Step on it. Take the ramp all the way over at the right and jump over the block."

Sean swiveled around in his seat to stare at Launch in the eye. "Are you sure blood loss hasn't affected your thinking?!??!" he yelled. "I'M SUPPOSED TO JUMP THAT ROADBLOCK?!? ARE YOU NUTS?!?!"

"I think so." She said.

"Do it." Cole said. "She's right.."

Sean crumbled in his seat. "Oh. My. God. I seriously hope I live after this. Why'd I have to steal his money?! Why? I am NEVER going to touch anyone else's stuff EVER again..." He mumbled and slammed his foot on the pedal.

They tore down the street, every second lasting forever and everyone staring at the ramp. Too late, Garett and his accomplices realized their mistake and stared, open mouthed, as the taxi flew up the ramp, and then, literally, flew through the sky.




Three sets of voices screamed. Even Cole couldn't hold back, couldn't help but think this was his last look at the cerulean skies. Someone was clutching his hand. He looked down at it. Launch.


Sean had his eyes closed, hands on the steering wheel. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod.


THUMP! BUMP. BUMPBUMPBump. bump. Bump. Bump.....

The wheels landed shakily on the concrete, the taxi tipping slightly over to one side. But little by little it righted itself. Immediately, Sean slammed the pedal again, tearing down the road. He wanted to get as far away from ramps as possible while Garett was left coughing in the dust.

A few minutes past dinnertime, the citizens who lived on Malchura St. heard an odd banging wheezing noise. They peered out the curtains of their windows, curious to see just what could make such a strange racket. They saw nothing.

The awful racketing noise continued, growing louder and louder on a steady crescendo until at last, no one could take it anymore. They shut themselves in their rooms, blaring music as loud as possible to block out the noise. All except for one person. The old woman, nearly deaf, peered out of the window once more. This noise was the first she'd heard in a long time and she was interested to see what it was. When the noise had reached it's maximum climax, the old woman chanced to look out the window once more and saw, at last, the source of the noise.

A battered up, beaten old taxi cab was making it's way, slowing, down the street. It seemed almost to be at the last of it's life, if it had a life. She was sure, that if cars were living, then this one would be wheezing, coughing, and sputtering. At that moment the car did sputter. The gasoline gave out, having used it's last droplets and the headlights flickered, and died.

The awful din ceased and order was restored.

Two boys emerged from the taxi, one of them carrying a girl in his arms. All of them teenagers. The old woman smiled, backed away from the curtains and sighed, reminiscing about the past. Why when she was a young girl.

Launch had fallen asleep again already, Cole noticed. Though how she managed that through all the noise was a mystery to him. Since he didn't know how to get in Launch's house, he stood back, allowing Sean to take care of the problem. His way of getting in wouldn't be appreciated as much. Sean seemed to know what he was doing, however, because he reached into a nearby flowerpot, dug out a key and opened the door. He opened it and stepped aside, letting him enter first.

Cole glanced back at the taxi, stuck in the middle of the street and beaten up.

"You need new driving lessons." He said before entering.

Sean grinned, scratched his head and shrugged. Eh. At least they were alive. For now.

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