Legends: No Nihon

Three thousand years ago, the oni stormed across the plains of Helveii, the sacred land of the Shokunins, with their leader Izanami, goddess of Jigoku, at the head, Susanowo urging him on, thunder rolling at their heels. They were driven back by Izanami’s husband Izanagi and the bodhisattva with the brilliant sun goddess Amaterasu casting her radiate glow and blinding their foes. Each was sealed back into their own domain, to sit and simmer, lower their hatred, and wait within the balance of jikan.

Izanagi and Amaterasu had grown weary at last of the repeated attacks upon the eastern, and gentler, heimen of the universe. They gave up their right to meddle within the human world, instead content to bestow their gifts unconditionally, but without modifications. They were the last two kami to do so.

But the oni would not relinquish their hold upon the human world, especially on their long established home in the west. Hordes successfully ravished the edges of the east, defiling religious sanctuaries and plundering innocents. And then, the Kappa (1) came.

Thirteen hundred years ago, a group of thirteen known as the “Kappaâ€