1 Little Angel

1.1 Hope is a Fear

Life is Heven

When the Moon goes up are fears come out

But when the Sun Appears the Fears we have disappear

A Little Angel up above is Watching us

Making Faces to Dust

Light and Darkness

1.2 Light is the Key to Lock the Darkness

Darkness can take over the Light

But when they are together

There power will be


1.2.1 Peace

1.3 Peace is with Happiness

Happiness is with everyone

Earth has a Time

And a World has a


1.3.1 Sister

1.4 What’s a Sister?

1.5 Is she Hot or Cold?

Big or Small?

Gentle or Mean?

Annoy or Kind?

Whoever she is

She is Surely are Sister

1.5.1 Mother May I

1.6 Mother May I Wish

Mother May I Pray

Mother May I Dream

Mother May I Whisper

Mother May I Love

Mother May I Hate

Mother You Are the Lock on the Door

and the Key to the Soul

You Brighten the Sunshine on a Rainy day

But Tomorrow will go outside and Play