Monday, August 23, 1999

My best friend, Taylor Angel, sat behind me. It was the first hour of the first day of school. We were waiting for the new science teacher for our Geology class.

"Kira," Taylor said. I turned around. "What if this guy's really hot?"

I laughed. "How many new teachers have we gotten that were hot?"

"Last year we got lucky." She smiled.

"Just because you have a thing for the gym teacher doesn't mean anything."

"Well, maybe we'll get lucky again."

"Hey, I'm 18, it's legal for me to hit on the teacher…well, besides the fact that he's a teacher-"

"And you have a boyfriend." She reminded me. "You've only been 18 since the 8th, so…well, I don't have anything else…"

It was August 23rd, and I'd turned 18 on the 8th. I hadn't got a chance to use it to my advantage yet, so I was always thinking of new ways. Taylor wouldn't be 18 until January 31st so she didn't understand.

Before I could continue the conversation, the classroom door opened. I turned around and watched the most beautiful guy I'd ever seen walk in the room. He had dark brown hair that was perfectly messed up. He was wearing khaki pants and a white dress shirt. He closed the door and walked across the room to the teacher desk. I had thankfully sat in the front row, and I could see his clear blue eyes perfectly. He reminded me of Joshua Jackson from 'Dawson's Creek,' but much hotter.

I glanced back at Taylor and grinned. "Oh, no." I heard her groan as I directed my attention at the new teacher.

He sat on the front corner of the desk and waited for the class to quiet down. Finally the class was silent and he began talking.

"Welcome to Geology class. I'm Mr. Jansen. I won't lie to you; this class is kind of boring. It's Earth Science. I'll try to make it fun. But today is going to suck." The class laughed at a teacher using a work other teachers yelled at us for.

He got up off the edge of the desk and started passing index cards out to students. As he handed me one, I made sure to make eye contact and smile. He smiled back as he went on with instructions.

"First line, your name. Second line, phone number. Your parents' names under that." He continued, writing it all on the board.

"Kira LaMagra." Taylor whispered behind me.

I turned around, confused. "Why-"

"I'm just helping you remember your name. I know how you get around guys you think are hot." She laughed.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically, and turned back around.

Mr. Jansen collected the cards. "Okay, now we're going to go around the room. Stand up, say your name and three interesting things about yourself."

He started on the other side of the room. I turned to look at Taylor. "What are you going to say?" I asked quietly.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I don't know."

"I'm going for the 'impress the hot guy' route and go with the least embarrassing things."

She laughed. "Can I suggest you stay away from anything involving wrestling or 'N Sync?" She brought up my two major obsessions.

I glared at her. "Oh, like you can talk. You're just as bad as I am."

Ten minutes later, it was Taylor's turn. She stood up. "I'm Taylor Angel. I like to listen to Kid Rock, Limp Bizkit, and stuff like that. I just got a new 4Runner. Um…I spend a lot of time just hanging out with my friends."

My heart pounded as she sat down. I was up and I still wasn't sure what to say. Nobody else had said they watched wrestling or anything. I figured I'd take the boy bands out of my interest list like Taylor did. I stood up, glancing at Mr. Jansen. "Hi, I'm Kira LaMagra. I spend most of my time writing. I listen to music every chance I get, nothing specific. And…um…" I looked at Taylor, hoping to get a third thing from a look. Then I decided just to let it slide. "And I'm obsessed with professional wrestling."

Taylor laughed while I sat down and felt my face grew warm as it turned red. "You're crazy." She muttered.

"Wrestling, huh?" Mr. Jansen said, smiling. "Don't worry, I watch it, too. Who's your favorite?"

Talking about wrestling gave me an adrenaline rush, but I tried to hold it back this time. "Road Dogg or Jericho." I answered.

"'Oh, you didn't know.'" Taylor whispered behind me, trying to get me to laugh. It was the first line of Road Dogg's theme song.

"They're pretty cool." Mr. Jansen said, still smiling.

The rest of the class was blurry to me. All I really remember is Mr. Jansen doing bad things in my head.

Since it was the first day of school, we had a half-day and only the first three classes. After Geology, I had Psychology, then Government. My boyfriend, Jay Fine, was in my second hour class.

Jay and I had been together since May. We were in the middle of a rather serious relationship. He'd spent the night at my house a few times, since my mom, who I lived with, was rarely home. He and I also spent a lot of time hanging out with Taylor and her boyfriend, Adam.

After school, I went to the office. I needed to find a teacher to assist for. I'd asked some teachers I liked if they needed me, but they didn't. If I couldn't find one, I'd have nothing for my last hour. My councilor told me she'd call me down the next day as soon as she got a chance. I agreed and left the school.

In the parking lot, I found the dark purple Cougar my grandparents had given me for my birthday. As I started the engine, the radio came on loudly blaring Britney Spears' 'Crazy.' I threw my head back on the headrest and groaned.

"Stupid slut." I muttered, pushing my favorite CD into the player. Britney was silenced and the intro to Limp Bizkit's Significant Other CD started. I skipped to my favorite song, 'Show Me What You Got.' Finally Fred Durst blasted from the speakers and I started for home.

I found the house empty, so I settled in on the living room couch with a notebook. My mom got off work around five and it was a little after before noon. After she got off work, she'd usually go to her new boyfriend's house. I had a job at a small party store from three until eight, Monday through Thursday.

Around two Jay called and asked if he could come watch wrestling at my house that night. Wrestling was on from nine until eleven Monday, and eight to ten on Thursday. Jay would always come over to watch since I thought it was boring alone. Sometimes Taylor and Adam joined us. I told Jay it'd be great if he came over and to call Adam and see if he and Taylor wanted to come, too.

Taylor called close to three to tell me they'd be over around eight-thirty.

Work that night was really slow. There was a TV that was hooked up with cable, but even TV was boring. Around six, the door opened, ringing a tiny bell above it. I'd grown to hate that bell since I'd started working three months earlier when school had let out for summer.

I looked up, praying it wasn't some motorcycle-riding, want-to-be bad ass that was in just to buy beer and porno magazines. Those guys disgusted me greatly and my small town was filled with them.

Instead of a dirty, smelly, leather clad, annoyance, I saw Mr. Jansen walk in the door. My day suddenly looked up.

He went to the wall of the store where the big Pepsi and Coke coolers were. He stood back like he was deciding what bottle of pop he wanted. After selecting a bottle, which I couldn't see, he went to the candy racks, and then came up to me to pay. He set a Surge and a package of gummi worms on the counter.

I tried not to laugh as I rang up his order. Surge and gummi worms were usually what I'd pick up when I was at a gas station or party store.

"That'll be $1.60." I said, smiling.

He looked at me as he found two-dollar bills in the pocket of his khaki pants. "You're in my first hour. Kira, right? You like wrestling."

I laughed, taking the money from him. "Yeah, that'd be me. I told you my favorite wrestlers, but you never said yours."

He smiled as I handed him his change. "The Rock, Stone Cold, Mankind…"

"The big names."

He laughed. "Yeah, they're the best, right?"

"The best?" Suddenly I didn't feel like I was talking to a teacher, mostly a really hot one. "See, you've got your names mixed up. The best is clearly Triple H."

He laughed again. "I don't remember you saying he was one of your favorites."

"He's one of my top five."

Before either of us could say anything, the bell above the door rang. We both turned to watch the customer, a middle school kid, walk in and head straight for the candy.

"Well, Kira, I should be going. I guess I'll see you in class on Wednesday." Mr. Jansen said, walking towards the door.

Later that night, Taylor, Adam, Jay, and I were sitting around the living room watching wrestling. Wrestling ended around eleven and the guys decided to play a game of pool in my basement before they went home.

Taylor and I sat on the couch watching 'Undressed' on MTV. During a commercial, she turned to me.

"How was work today?" She asked.

I wrinkled my nose. "Boring and slow. But Mr. Jansen came in."

"Really? He wasn't one of those guys who came to buy beer and pornos, was he?"

I laughed. "Actually he got Surge and gummi worms."

"And could you talk to him or did you just stand there and drool?"

"Ha-ha." I laughed sarcastically. "We talked about wrestling. It was a normal conversation, nothing really interesting. But he is really hot."

She rolled her eyes. "And you always make fun of me for liking a teacher."

"Yeah, but you signed up for gym again this year even though you only need one gym credit to graduate. I only have Mr. Jansen for one class."