To Those Who Seek to Show Me Truth
To Those Who Seek to Show Me Truth

If I were right and you were wrong,
This argument would not be long.
I'd soon have trapped you in a lie,
And all your logic'd start to die.
I'd prove you wrong; you'd take the bait.
We wouldn't have this awful wait
To see how everything shall end,
Whose will shall alter, shape, or bend.

But I can't let you prove me wrong,
And that is why it takes so long.
I've nothing left but pride to save
Illusion from its rightful grave.
I know the truth; I know the lie,
But childish fancies will not die,
For what we feel can hide the truth,
Make even logic seem uncouth.

But shouldn't absolute break through
Subjective lies becoming true?
I'll hold out till the absolute
Cannot let my will refute
Pure logic for perception's eye.
Then love will win, and hate will die.