Pickup Sticks
By Stephen Smith
Apr. 1, 2002

All my life laid out before you,
Like pickup sticks in a row,
You tried to see if you could sort it out,
But all your attempts were failed.
I didn't try hard enough,
I didn't try to accomodate,
I took your willingness of generosity too far,
You never got what you deserved.
I should have tried harder,
I should have showed you the way,
But all I did was intimidate,
And because of that I scared you away.
You tried to pick up the sticks,
You tried to understand,
But all I did was resist,
I'm sorry you never got the chance,
I'm sorry I turned my back,
I know you'll never be back.
I know I had my chance,
You're probably far away,
But all I wanted to say,
Was I hope you'll be back some day.
I'll try to be more inviting,
I'll try to accomdate you,
But I know that second chance will never come,
For you're probably far away.
I know I don't deserve it,
I don't blame you a bit,
But for the impossible I'm asking,
For you to come back.