The North and South Converse

~ You! Blasphemer
Heretic! Here, by
Blood and sweat
And yes, touching
Upon my own
Here! ~

You and the inebriating
Delta-land beauty--you and
The all-of-it, encompassing
What matters?

~ You! Understand.
Ah, what matters and
That Nothing does.
Only this
Spread before you
Beauty is harsh
And meant to be cut thru' ~

You and the conditioned-
View of what lives and does
Not. What is beauty?
Tell me...

~ You! What it
Is to cup it in your
Sweating callused
Hands and what it is--
This can be Mine.
Ah, and that matters
Simply ~

You and your pride and all
This omnipresence. What
Precedent to set? How much:
I understand.

~ You! This is final
All like Death
But otherwise. Mississippi
And all. You understand?
Ah, well, walled as is:
Walk with me,
Morning. ~

You and Land. The same.

~ Ah ~