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These are just some funny "out takes" from the first two parts of KH. I let some of my friends read them, and they said I should put them up, so here I go!

Kimmy: This is great, don't you think? Just us, up so high. Nothing keeping us from certain death except a giant steal wheel
Mark: **shakes in his seat** I AM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS!!
Kimmy: I am here with you.
Mark: WAHH!!

Boya: **Takes coin and flips it** To the other world **coin falls to the ground and says, 'Tails, you remain.'** WHAT?!
Kiei: Stupid coin!! **picks up coin, and flips it again too. STILL, it lands on tails** GAH!!
Boya: GRR! **Throws it over his head and it hits a guard behind him, and lands on heads. Sending the guard to Earth. All the guardians and Ka stand in awe and Boya laughs** OOPS!

Dev: ALRIGHT! I found the way. Maybe I can finally blow this popcicle stand
Popcicle lady: Would you like a popcicle?

Dev: **begins to walk around the corner, and runs into Akki. Both fall to the ground, with Akki on top of Devona**
Akki: **hand on Dev's boob** Swishy!!
Dev: THAT'S NOT IN THE SCRIPT!! **Slaps Akki**

Akki: **carries Devona off to meet the others. During the mean time, Devona is screaming her head off**
Akki: Shut up!

Part 2!

Kouner: Is it just me or does something not seem right. This was too easy. The girl didn't even freak out.
Boya: I think she's to attracted to Urufu to even understand what is going on.
Kiei: **looks at Kouner** Are you jealous?
Kouner: **eyes become watery and then she begins to cry in histerics** YES!

Devona: **Follows close behind Akki** So, do you have any family? **no answer** about a girlfriend?
Akki: **laughes** No, and I would never go out with you!
Dev: **grumbles** Bastard...

Gorou: **removes ax from stump and sees a flash of light out of the sky. He turns in horror** NO! PLEASE!! ANYTHING! I'LL DO ANYTHING!! **Drops to his knees** JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!
=^-^=: ?? What'd I do??

Akki and Kouner: **are sitting down on the ground after a long day of walking to the safe house. Devona comes and joins them.**
Dev: Hey guys...**before she can finish, Kouner and Akki get up and walk away** Well...that wasn't very nice...

Dev: What the hell are you two talking about? I may be this princess person that was suppose to save this place in the past but that doesn't mean I know everything about it here.
Akki: **reachs over and pats Dev's head** That's the whole point kid.
Dev: **whines** no fair!

Tenshi: Who are you talking about Kouner?
Kouner: Urufu
Tenshi: He seems nice
Kouner: Yeah, for a cold blooded murderer, who never expresses his feelings, and feels you up all the time. YEAH, he's REAL nice.

Mushin: It seems I have found you Akki! My search is over.
Akki: **Eyes shining** were looking for me? YES! Now I can get laid!!
Kiei: **pushs Akki out of the way** WHAT 'BOUT ME! I WANT TO BE LAID TOO!
Kouner: **Growls** I'll just kill them now.

Akki: I was selfish. So I told them to take away my pain. The only way that could be done was to make me a mindless killer. An evil bastard. I don't expect you to feel sorry for me, or want you to. I just feel you should know the truth Devona. It's why I act the way I do.
Devona: Oh Akki... **hugs him**
Akki: **Smiles and grabs her ass** Hehee...
Devona: **knees him in the groin** Don't touch me pervert!!

**End Part 2**
Kouner: **Cries**
Devona: Um...let's all go to Micky D's!!
Akki: OK!!!
Kiei: Sounds like fun!!
Kouner: Let's go!!

Let me know what you think!! MAYBE MORE TO COME!! MUHAHAHAA!